Hololive Alternative Teaser PV Gets Full Version, Showing off Extended Footage

Screenshot from Hololive Alternative teaser PV full version

A full version of the hololive Alternative teaser PV has been released, showing off some extended footage and providing an update on the highly anticipated project.

The original thirty-second trailer for the hololive Alternative project was released back in February, prompting intense debate as to what it actually is. An anime? A game? Something else entirely? It’s probably some kind of online content delivery service, but Mizuryu Kei’s subsequent departure from the project back in February left the whole thing in disarray. His manga was just about the only concrete thing attached to the project, after all.

Unfortunately, the full version of the hololive Alternative teaser PV doesn’t exactly provide a concrete explanation as to what this project actually is. At the very least, it proves that it isn’t dead, alongside an extended peek at some of the footage featured in the first trailer. This includes an awesome sword fight between Nakiri Ayame, Ookami Mio, and Shirakami Fubuki.

What’s more, Uruha Rushia finally makes her first appearance in the full hololive Alternative teaser PV: the lack of her presence was definitely felt in the first one given that the rest of her generation, hololive Fantasy, were in there. Finally, the extended runtime also gives us an opportunity to listen to more of rapping reaper Mori Calliope’s theme song, ‘Blue Dawn.’

Yet, the question remains: what is hololive Alternative? What is this ‘teaser’ PV actually teasing? The company can release as many different versions as they like, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that we have little to no knowledge about what to expect. Even if, as a fan, they are a blast to behold.

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