Hololive VTubers Invade Disgaea 6 in New Collaboration

Hololive Disgaea 6 collab

Tactical RPG Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny has teamed up with virtual YouTuber group Hololive to create a set of new, free DLC in Japan, bringing several of their most popular personalities to the game as playable characters. Although the characters are not direct replicas, they are inspired by their virtual avatars and are sure to provide any fan with worthy companions to make their way through the game with.

Joining Disgaea 6 from the Hololive roster will be first generation talent Shirakami Fubuki, third generation talents Uruha Rushia and Shiranui Flare, Tsunomaki Watame from the fourth generation, and Omaru Polka from the fifth.

As mentioned, they don’t appear in the game as they appear on stream, but this is best explained by the trailer below:

Fubuki’s character is called ‘Fubuking’ and appears to be some sort of demonic duck: the name itself is a reference to one of her nicknames. Rushia’s character takes after a simplified pronunciation of her actual name ‘Ruusha’ (ルーシャ) and has quite a large chest, a nod to one of her ‘complexes’: she actually introduces herself in the trailer by saying ‘Sorry that I’m boing boing,’ which is something that fans will understand.

Moving on, Watame appears as a diminutive sheep in this Hololive Disgaea 6 collab with a very similar name, while Flare’s character is named ‘Torute’ and makes arguably the strongest first impression: her magic abilities look seriously cool. Polka’s character, meanwhile, is named ‘Poruporu’ and obviously takes a lot of design cutes from her original avatar, except without the iconic jester hat. All the personalities have provided voice lines for the in-game characters.

Flare in Disgaea 6

This isn’t the first time that Hololive streamers have made an appearance in video game franchises, but this Disgaea collab is a quite big one: it’s been going for a very long time and has managed to build up for itself a dedicated fanbase. Watame is also apparently a big fan of the game’s developer, Nippon Ichi.

Let’s hope that this Hololive DLC also gets brought over to the west when Disgaea 6 releases in English and French this summer. It’s out now in Japan.

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