Hololive EN Celebrates Half Year Anniversary With Image Soundtrack, Goods

Hololive EN Half Year Anniversary key visual

It’s been six months since the first wave of English-language Hololive virtual YouTubers (known as Hololive EN or sometimes HoloMyth) hit the scene and smashed all expectations, so it’s only natural that a series of celebrations are being planned for the Hololive EN half year anniversary. Aside from the celebratory Don’t Starve Together collaboration, streamed on 12 March, Cover Corp has announced a new line-up of HoloMyth goods and, more excitingly, an ‘image soundtrack’ based on the personalities of the five streamers.

In terms of the Hololive EN half year anniversary goods, they’re pretty much the same kind of thing that the company has produced in the past: acrylic stands, keychains, and plush toys. Those plush toys are arguably the most exciting, as they will be based on each characters’ ‘mascots’ (Amelia’s dog Bubba and Calliope’s Dead Beats) and constitute a bigger release than before: Hololive has produced plush toys in the past, but never to the same extent.

Hololive EN acrylic stands Hololive EN keychains Hololive EN plush toys in production

Hololive has recruited the talents of Sound Voltex and Beatmania IIDX contributor Camellia to put together an ‘image album’ for Hololive EN’s half year anniversary. Available to stream and purchase now via all major music platforms, you can really feel the personalities of each member radiating from each track, making it clear that Camellia has done his homework. My particular favorite is Takanashi Kiara’s image song, ‘Krispy Fry-fry Party,’ and not just because she may or may not be my favorite member of the first generation!

If Cover Corp has managed to put together such an interesting set of offerings for Hololive EN’s half year anniversary, then you have to wonder what on earth the company is planning for the first year anniversary. A concert? A movie? An anime? Who knows, but it’ll certainly be interesting to find out. Applications to join the second generation of personalities are open now, by the way.

You can purchase official Hololive goods from overseas using BOOTH’s proxy service. Please visit the official webpage for more information.


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