Homunculus Live-Action Film Hits Netflix Worldwide Later This Month

Homunculus movie screenshot

Was one Japanese film hitting Netflix this month not enough? Another Japanese Netflix co-production, Homunculus, is set to hit the streaming service worldwide later this month following a limited Japanese theatrical release.

Homunculus finally hit Japanese theaters at the beginning of the month, bringing the manga adaptation of this unique psychological thriller to cinema screens throughout Japan. The story of a 34-year-old homeless man being given an experimental surgery by a stranger that leads him to see aberrations in his left eye is an intriguing concept, and the manga has received a number of plaudits at home despite a lack of an international release.

Luckily, the movie will get an international release, and an announcement today has confirmed it: Following the limited release in Japanese theaters, the movie will hit Netflix worldwide on 22 April.

While we noted flaws in the movie in our review of the theatrical version of the film last week, there was still much to praise about the final production, particularly in the acting department. While the film’s release appears likely to be overshadowed by Ride or Die (Netflix are putting more international marketing spend into making it a success), even if you get the service for a month just to see that film, there’s no reason not to give the movie a chance.

It’s an intense film being directed by famed Japanese horror director Takashi Shimizu, with the lead role being taken up by Go Ayano. It even has a theme song contributed to the film by millenium parade, a group we here at OTAQUEST have extolled the virtues of before. As an uneasy Japanese psychological thriller, it appears to be worth a chance.

Following its limited Japanese theatrical release, Homunculus will hit Netflix worldwide on 22 April. You can find out more over on the film’s official website.

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