Homunculus Live-Action Film Reveals millenium parade Theme Song and New Trailer

Homunculus Live-Action Poster

A new key visual and trailer have been released for the upcoming Homunculus live-action film, ahead of the movie’s limited release in Japanese theaters and later global Netflix release.

Homunculus Live-Action Film Poster

Homunculus is a series you likely won’t be familiar with because of its lack of an English release, but this critically acclaimed psychological thriller manga feels like a perfect fit for a Netflix film. It centers on Susumu Nakoshi, a 34-year-old homeless man living out of his care, who is accosted by a stranger to have an experimental surgery known as trepanation (drilling a hole in the skull to increase circulation that supposedly brings out a person’s ‘sixth sense’ and allows them to see ghosts and use ESP). Following the surgery, he begins to see distortions in the real world through his left eye.

Since the initial announcements where we learned of the film’s existence and the fact Netflix would be distributing the film worldwide, we’ve learned a lot more about what to expect from the film. In the starring role is none other than Go Ayano, known for his role in Shinjuku Swan and as Goemon Ishikawa in the live-action Lupin the Third films. Famed horror director Takashi Shimizu, known for his Japanese horror films The Grudge and Marebito, will be in charge of the adaptation too.

For the movie’s theme song, the song ‘Trepanation’ can be heard in this new trailer that has been performed by Daiki Tsuneta’s millenium parade. The song was included in the group’s most recent album released last week. We’re big fans of the group here at OTAQUEST and it’s great to see the group attached to the film.

The new trailer for Homunculus really ramps up the excitement for the new film. The darker tone of the manga is present in the trailer and gives off an uneasy vibe that feels fitting for the source material. 

Homunculus will receive a limited release in Japanese theaters from 2 April, before hitting Netflix worldwide shortly after. You can find out more over on the film’s official website.

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