HoneyComeBear Get August off to a Strong Start With “Colorful”


Tokyo-based duo HoneyComeBear take their time between releases, which makes each new offering feel all the more impactful. Five months after dropping the swaggering “IDOL,” the pair of trackmaker Monkey and vocalist Kaako have returned with a number to get August off to a strong start. Listen to “Colorful” below, or get it here.

Sometimes, not messing with the formula that got you hype in the first place proves to be the best strategy when putting out new music. “Colorful” follows a very similar formula from HoneyComeBear, who know what they do well and don’t really mess with the blueprint here. The group’s draw has always been in how they match melodic singing with more aerobic and hard-hitting beats to create songs split between the heart and the floor. This juxtaposition shows up right away on “Colorful,” as Kaako’s singing quickly emerges over a click-clacking bit of music that turns into a rattle soon after. The tension between these two sides of the project has always been central to their success, and they dip back into it for this summer 2019 number.

The other constant? An ability to hit on some really catchy ideas throughout the number. While HoneyComeBear can approach high-energy places, the pair always offer something that’s easy to catch on to, from the singing in the verses to the Technicolor synthesizer wash serving as a chorus. It never gets too aggressive, always leaving some space for anyone to bob along too. 

Hoping to catch it live? Well, for those in Tokyo later this month, come on down to Mogra to see the pair play at OTAQUEST // PLUGGED IN. Click here for more info.

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