How To: Create A Japanese Google Play Account to Access the Japanese Google Play Store

Want to gain access to the eAMUSEMENT app, GITADORA, jubeat mobile, Taiko no Tatsujin PLUS a long with other games and more? Unfortunately, they’re only available via the Japanese side of the Google Play store, but here’s a how-to on connecting to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and get access if you’re not from that region.

Let’s start!

  • You’ll first need to download TunnelBear (or any VPN) and sign up for an account. For now we’re going to use TunnelBear


  • Within TunnelBear, change the country to Japan by scrolling over to the region and selecting the pipe. Connect the VPN
  • Next, create your account on Google here
  • Use your information all while selecting Japan as your location as your last option


  • Use your information all while selecting Japan as your location
  • You can skip the payment option and skip entering your phone number (if on mobile). Now you’re all set!
  • Once completed, add your account to your mobile/tablet device under accounts
  • Open the Google Play Store, and switch to the new account you created


  • You can now install and update Japanese apps directly from the Japanese Google Play Store!
  • Turn off TunnelBear when you’re finished installing your apps

Reminder! Be sure to switch to your new account BEFORE connecting to the VPN and entering the Google Play Store in the future

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