How to: Japanese KONAMI ID registration & e-amusement pass management

With Round 1 locations popping up in the United States and more to come, as well as select Dave & Buster’s locations that will soon have access thanks to DanceDanceRevolution A, The United States has been able to take part in Konami’s eAMUSEMENT service. The online service operated by Konami, is used primarily for online functionality on their arcade games. The system is used to save progress and unlockable content between games, participate in internet high score lists, access other exclusive features depending on the game and so much more. The system uses a user account and a card along with a unique PIN to access the network per game. This how-to will get you through registering an account and eAMUSEMENT pass so you can get started.

Getting started:

  • Start by visiting the eAMUSEMENT registration page
  • Note: If you want to take full advantage of your eAMUSEMENT account and gain access to PASELI features, keep the Japan country/region from the drop down box and proceed



Fill out your information as needed in order:

  • KONAMI ID (must be all lowercase, include an underscore as well as a number)
  • “メールアドレス” Email address
  • “パスワード” Password
  • “秘密の質問” Security question – Options: *Mothers maiden name, *Father’s birthplace, *Name of your middle school, *Food you dislike, *Your elementary school teachers name
  • Note: You might need to enter some data for the security and Q&A section in Japanese.
  • “当社からのお知らせ” Want updates from the company? Option: *Yes, *No



  • “ニックネーム” Nickname
  • “性別” Gender – Option: *Male, *Female
  • “生年月日” Birthday
  • “血液型” Blood type
  • “住んでいる地域” Area in your region
  • Image authentication
  • Click the red button at the bottom of the page to accept
  • You’ll be sent a confirmation Email to the address you provided, check your Email, click the link to activate and you’ll now be able to login to the eAmusement homepage.


eAMUSEMENT homepage:



Adding a card:

  • Add your card here on the eAMUSEMENT pass page
  • Enter your 16 digit number on the back of your eAMUSEMENT pass
  • Choose a 4 digit PIN number
  • If you want the option to enable PASELI support, select “利用する” (first option) if you do not wish to enable it, select “利用しない” (last option).
  • Click the blue button to complete


Removing an eAMUSEMENT pass:


  • Remove your card here on the eAMUSEMENT pass page
  • With your eAMUSEMENT pass attached to your card, you should see your card number in the field next to the pink “参照中” text meaning it is currently set as your primary card.
  • Select the red button “切り離し選択” on the right to detach the card from your account.


Switching to a new primary card:


  • Switch your card here on the eAMUSEMENT pass page
  • Note: You’ll need two cards already attached to your account in order for the second to appear
  • The top card will show your primary card currently and the bottom is your secondary.
  • Click the red button “切り替え選択” to change your primary pass on file.


Transfer data to a new eAMUSEMENT pass:

  • Your primary card will be displayed at the top, so enter the 16 digit card number on your new pass below that
  • Click the blue button “確認する” to accept the transfer


Change your PIN:

  • Change your PIN here on the eAMUSEMENT pass page
  • Enter your new PIN in both boxes
  • Click the blue button “内容を変更する” to confirm the change
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