Explore HUMAN LOST in All-New Hard-Hitting Trailer

Explore HUMAN LOST in All-New Hard-Hitting Trailer

First announced two months ago, TOHO animation started streaming a second trailer for their upcoming film HUMAN LOST earlier this week. The new PV centers around the film’s main character Yozo Oba who’s voiced by Mamoru Miyano, who’s probably best known as the Japanese voice for Riku in the Kingdom Hearts series.

The film is a cyberpunk reimagining of one of the most important novels in Japanese literature; Osamu Dazai’s No Longer Human. Funimation will be screening and releasing the film in the US and it’s being directed by Afro Samurai’s Fuminori Kizaki. Take a second to watch the short PV.

HUMAN LOST has a number of high profile creators working on it. We already mentioned director Kizaki, but in addition, Katsuyuki Motohiro who’s the chief director on FLCL 2 and 3 as well as Psycho-Pass will be overlooking the project. Tow Ubukata who scripted Ghost in the Shell: Arise and created the Mardock Scramble film series is penning the script. Polygon Pictures who’ve animated the Netflix Godzilla series as well as Ajin handling the animation. The studio’s previous efforts have ended with mixed results but I have hope for this ambitious project.

More or less, No Longer Human is my favorite novel. The haunting, hopeless book is something the majority of people in Japan are forced to read at some point in High School. I first became introduced to it through Usumaru Furuya’s excellent manga adaption. It was so good, I had to read the novel and years later nothing ever topped it for me. I’m cautious about HUMAN LOST for this very reason. However, putting a futuristic spin on the title could make for an interesting adaption of the work. A fun tidbit; Mamoru Miyano, who’s voicing the protagonist, actually portrays author Osamu Dazai in Bungyo Stray Dogs. Now, he’s voicing Dazai’s most famous character.

While it will release this year, there’s no date on Polygon’s HUMAN LOST. However, Junji Ito’s new adaption of the original novel is coming out in English this fall.

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