Beat the Heat with Trendsetting Clothing from Human Made

Beat the Heat with Trendsetting Clothing from Human Made

Human Made, the latest venture from A Bathing Ape (BAPE) founder NIGO is all reasons for ever-evolving fashion trends and a chin-up attitude towards fashion wear. 

Best known for its signature streetwear silhouettes and trendsetting fashion accessories, Human Made collections have never failed fashion maniacs who are always scouring the online stores in search of trendsetting clothing. 

Having soaked up tremendous inspiration from the pre-1950s plethora of fashion strings and style, the brand has given new shades to the American workwear heritage with its eye-appealing motifs and collections.

The Japanese fashion label has not only made its impact on the ‘wardrobe must-have’ hit-list of fashion enthusiasts but has also teamed up with famous iconic labels such as  Hender Scheme, N.E.R.D. and STUDIO SEVEN

If you’re someone who loves singing to the meticulous tunes of Ariana Grande’s ‘Sweetener’, then you ought not miss Pharrell Williams! And yes, he’s one among the famous icons who takes a high-calibered approach to favouring Human Made. 

This amazing collaboration between the iconic American singing sensation and Nigo might turn into an elevated hope for enriched fashion apparel production in Japan.

Let Your Clothing Do the Talking

When it comes to Human Made clothing, you needn’t worry about anything else that matters to revive your fashion spree. The Japanese label has soared high in winning the hearts and fashion accents of many across the globe. The latest collaboration between NIGO and renowned graphic design artist Sk8thing has seamlessly breathed new life into the trendy collections featured under this signature brand.

While the crux of the clothing collections from Human Made highly focuses on adding new shades to the authenticity of retro-wear, innovative graphics and highly-comfortable materialization make the brand stand out from the rest. 

The highly-durable collection is found in an array of workwear and varsity jackets, deep wash jeans, track shorts, and pullovers. Other amazing inclusions of this collection include cargo pants, t-shirts, and Kung Fu-inspired shirts. 

The 2020 Spring/Summer collection is fostered with a deep interaction between fashion and authenticity, and this is exactly where Human Made has engraved its strong-built foundation. Apart from Human Made’s online web store, these amazing collections from the Japanese label are available at select stores like HBX, and the like!

A Tweak Into Japanese Clothing Aesthetics

When I utter the word ‘clothing’, I mean something that’s beyond what the eyes can imagine or see! As we all know, clothing is one of those aspects that always has a never-ending approach in terms of collection and styles. And speaking of Human Made, well, there is always something better than the other to add to the wardrobe collection. 

NIGO’s Human Made has undoubtedly taken fashion to new heights by unveiling a new limited-edition outlet at Isetan Shinjuku in Tokyo. Dubbed as the ‘Style Up’ collection, this line of clothing from the Japanese label features an expansive collection of Japanese silhouettes that boast the tradition that was popular in the early Showa period. 

Adding highly-fashionable motifs to the once-acclaimed authentic fashion flavor is where Human Made carves a signature niche for itself. As far as I’ve known about the brand, its latest offerings are all about a perfect amalgamation of modern and traditional fashion as evident in its contemporary influence on kimono jackets, furoshiki cloth, tenugui towel, and other clothing accessories. 

Quintessential Clothing for a Warm and Sun-Kissed Weather

NIGO’s Human Made is a world affair when it comes to attiring your body with something comfortable and trendy altogether. And as we’re gearing up for some sunny weather, clothing ourselves with reasonable comfort and breathable garments is what most of us crave for. For instance, let’s elaborate on this one-of-a-kind piece from Human Made. 

NIGO’s denim jacket arrives in a contemporary fusion of 100% cotton in a textbook indigo shade, and that’s what I suppose is the next-generation fashion statement that boasts in terms of looks and comfort. This highly-complimented denim jacket from the Japanese fashion label features high-contrast stitching backed-up by a colorful back print. 

And to top it all, Human Made motifs in contrasting red, black, and blue embroidery finishes the line of jackets with a trendy yet authentic fusion. 

This denim work jacket is available at most of the leading outlets at an average price of $525. 

Classic Clothing with Evocative Prints

Post dropping a collaborative collection of Cactus Plant Flea Market accessories, Nigo’s Human Made series returned with a bang for the buck featuring a tremendous imprint to start off the year with. Personally speaking, the new dark purple satin varsity jacket is a treat to fashion fiestas that love a blend of tradition and modern clothing. 

Well, from what I’ve known about this amazing pick from Human Made, the varsity jacket boasts a perfect fusion of white and satin purple. The wise inclusion of one of the label’s slogans “Dry Alls” is embroidered in white while golden brass zippers complement the ethnic motif of the piece. 

The Human Made brand logo cruxed at the back of this jacket with a striking graphic illustration adds the cherry to the cake! 

Priced at $553, you can grab this trendy varsity jacket from Human Made’s official website.

Human Made’s authentic touch to modern fashion is highly appreciative owing to the trendsetting essence spilled in the making of such extravagant fashion wear. When I glance at the label’s signature collections, everything appears chic, fabulous, and of course, Japanese! 

Neat stitching with precision cuts and seamless designs is what I would look for when hunting online stores for fashionable clothing, and I must say that Human Made has lived up to what it promises. In the complete gist of the essence, this Japanese label by Nigo confirms curious suspicions that Japan actually makes fabulous clothing than other renowned brands. 

Nigo has left no stone unturned when it comes to carving his fandom with fashion. With the latest project evolving a valuable quench for enigmatic fashion trends, Human Made is definitely a combination of standard designs and impeccable authentic accuracy in terms of fashion. 

The courtesy of this vintage reproduction collection is a heartful fusion of vintage Americana style that’s beyond the same old offering. Human Made has artistically blended rugged labor and traditional youthful aesthetics to bring about a change in the world of fashion.

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