Human Made: The Untapped Gold Mine of T-Shirts

Human Made: The Untapped Gold Mine of T-Shirts

A contemporary fusion of the 1950s retro-style clothing has been revived yet again through multifaceted streams of creativity. And the credit is completely vested in the hands of none other than the fashion icon who lives and breathes Japanese fashion, Nigo. A grand commercial feat post the success of A Bathing Ape (BAPE) instilled in him a thirst for ethnic and vintage-born fashion. 

In 2010, it was quite evident that Nigo was on the spree to break free from the cuffs of the primate flamboyance that he had revived almost for two decades in a row. And that’s how HUMAN MADE was born. It is a creation that, according to Nigo, is void of suffocating and barricading restrictions of BAPE’s widely beloved and long-established visual appeals. 

Whether it is sweatshirts, jackets, cargo pants, or amazing denim, Human Made is a one-stop destination for a boutique of authentic and classy fashion wear. And by authentic, I mean real vintage and that’s completely American and of course, crafted with the backdrop of the 20th-century rustic era. 

Never-to-Miss T-Shirt Collections

Top-wear is one of the most important genres of clothing and one of my personal favorites that always keeps my wardrobe cluttered. And speaking of top-wear, I can never afford to miss on T-SHIRTS! Well, Human Made has completely mesmerized me on this one with its chic and top-notch offerings. A balanced blend between the so-called ‘cool stuff’ and contemporary style is revived with a lot of life in the T-shirt collections from the Japanese vintage label. 

Whether it is the whimsical graphical prints or the bold and attitude-filled ‘Human Made’ logo on each of its collections, the classic label featured by Nigo has everything for a sun-kissed summer amidst a retro feel back in the 1950s. Being a T-shirt manic myself, I personally love the illustrative logos and quirky designs meticulously fabricated on super-quality fabrics. And the texture, looks, as well as the aromatic vintage theory stitched in the Human Made T-shirts are something that cannot be missed. 

Apart from the Japanese label’s official website, its offerings are available on select stores online. And this is something favorable for fashion enthusiasts who love Americana retrograde tees and bottoms! 

Nigo’s Human Made is all about aesthetic and classic Spring/Summer collections. The Japanese brand’s vintage offering stays true to its reputation of classic aesthetics and tailored pieces, all melded together to make something unique and creative. The utilitarian ensemble of workwear and casual T-shirts brings Nigo’s craftsmanship and fashion ethics to the limelight. 

The ruggedly wholesome and chic aura of college campus T-shirts and other related preps are found to be highly welcoming among the young audience in Japan. And needless to say, Nigo’s flavor-filled classic tees are also (fortunately!) available on various select stores such as 18montrose, Lyst, Seven Store, and HBX

The A Bathing Ape founder has perfectly combined exacting quality standards, flawless classical accuracy along with the courtesy and creativity of vintage reproduction artists like Sk8thing. I personally feel that Human Made is an earnest and unique homage to ethnic motifs and staples.

Thermal T-Shirts for Unpredictable Weathers

Summer is on the beat but sudden showers are totally unpredictable! And with this long-sleeve Human Made black T-shirt, warm dapper-style fashion wavers a secret touch to the classic Americana essence. Human Made’s vintage style is found to be seamless incorporation in this applique T-shirt with a minimized edit of their signature heart logo. Priced at approximately $225, this spectacular T-shirt is available as a limited-edition collection on online stores.

Whether it is the long sleeves or the big bold lettering engraved on the reverse, Nigo has cherished his craving for American retro fashion in this one-of-a-kind T-shirt. The ribbed trims, crew neck finish, and lighter appeal make these lines of T-shirts from Human Made stand exceptionally high and above from the rest. And I must say, this offering from Nigo’s Human Made gives me that ‘never compromise‘ feeling!

Trendy Border Pocket T-Shirt

Stepping out in the sun wouldn’t have been this fun and sassy. And the reason, well, it’s definitely a day out slipping into Nigo’s Human Made T-shirt. This Red and Navy striped border pocket T-shirt is my favorite for all reasons known best to me!

I kind of witness that visionary streetwear fashion brushed with a hint of the bygone Americana retro fusion in this amazing make from Human Made. And not to forget, the A Bathing Ape founder has given an artistic touch along with the graphic illustration genius, Sk8thing

Crew neck features ensembled in a block stripe finish give me the recipe for re-imagining the classic 20th-century workwear fashion. The signature heart logo of the Japanese vintage label embroidered on the border pocket fosters that ‘Made with love in Japan‘ sort of an astounding feeling and it’s totally worth it!

Crew Neck T-Shirt in White

Nigo’s Human Made is not only about classic and vintage-themed fashion but also about mind-blowing colors. And the BAPE icon has never let out on a color, and that’s something I’m sure of as far as I’ve known! There’s nothing as gorgeous as a man in a white T-shirt and well, maybe, blue denim. With this amazing crew neck T-shirt from the house of the ever-classic Human Made, the visionary streetwear fashion statement takes a sneak-peek to a new level. 

Both Nigo and graphic genius Sk8thing have re-imagined the cult of 20th-century apparel fiesta and this T-shirt is another example of the never-ending fashion marvel. This pick from Human Made boasts of comfortable short sleeves sequenced in a crew neck finish with simple yet innovative graphic illustrations across the chest. Human Made’s white T-shirt is a perfect pick for those who love to keep it simple and amazingly classic! Priced at just $83.20, this T-shirt from Human Made is available on almost all online stores. 

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