Hyponex Collaboration Campaign Lets Pokémon Help Grow Your Home Garden

Hyponex, Pokémon plant fertilizer collaboration campaign

A Japanese gardening company thinks it may have an answer for parents stuck at home trying to figure out what to do with their children during the coronavirus pandemic. Why not get the kids involved in starting a home garden, they suggest. And why not do it with Pokémon? And I have to agree, since my own mother, an avid amateur gardener, has passed her interest in plants on to me. Gardening and Pokémon; that’s a really great idea.

With that idea in mind, hoping Japan started a collaboration campaign on Monday featuring Pikachu and several of his Pokémon friends. They call it First Home Farm! Campaign Together With Pokémon. I would call it Pokémon Grow, but they didn’t ask for my advice.

The campaign will include a free Pokémon gift with each purchase and the chance to win a Pokémon prize in a lottery. The event will continue through 19 July.

Pokémon Garden Picks

Hyponex, Pokémon, Pikachu garden pick

During the campaign, packages of Hyponex’s Plantia Flower, Vegetable and Fruit Fertilizer will come with Pokémon Garden Picks. You can use these garden picks to label your pots. That’s important if you’re growing new plants from seed, as you don’t want to forget which pot contains which seedlings.

The picks are decorated with random Pokémon characters. Appropriately, they included several water and grass-type Pokémon, such as Bulbasaur, Bellossom, Meganium, and Lapras. Although, you might think that electric Pikachu would be more likely to fry your plants than help them grow. Obviously, you can’t have a Pokémon collaboration without the most famous, recognizable one.

There are ten Pokémon represented. However, the butterfly-like Vivillon comes in 20 different color schemes (just like in the game), for a grand total of 29 possible ones to collect.

Pokémon Lottery

Prizes for Hyponex Pokémon campaign

The other half of the campaign is a lottery with two possible prizes: a pair of matching Pokémon watches (parent and child-sized); and a pair of parent/child-sized Pokémon garden aprons. Only 30 pairs of watches and 50 pairs of aprons will be given away. It’s a photo lottery, so have a smartphone or digital camera ready to take pictures of Pokémon.

Once you get your garden started (using Hyponex fertilizer, of course), take a picture of a pot with one of the Pokémon labels sticking out of the soil. Technically speaking, they don’t say you actually need a seedling, a plant, or even a seed. But that would sort of miss the point, wouldn’t it?

Send your photos to Hypnonex’s Pokémon website. Submitted photos will be posted to the campaign’s gallery (at the time that I wrote this, I only saw two sample photos there). You can submit as many photos as you want, but they say there will be no multiple winners.

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