Ichibankuji Launches Pokémon Lottery Campaign

Pokemon Sunny Picnic

Ichibankuji is by far the leading company for doing lottery-style product purchase campaigns. Earlier in the month they did a campaign with EVANGELION and makeup, and today they launched a new campaign with Pokémon, the Pokémon anytime ~Sunny picnic~ lottery campaign.

I have never been a fan of the kuji style of prizes, where you go into a convenience store and give them your money for a random product. I did it for the Final Fantasy VII Remake kuji that was happening at 7-Eleven last year and got two lousy towels. Not even the PlayStation 1 style figures. But with this new Pokémon Anytime ~Sunny picnic~ campaign, I might change my mind, because honestly, I want everything. The Pokémon Anytime ~Sunny picnic~ kuji will contain seven products that fate will decide if you get or not. The official release announcement for the campaign is as follows;

The ‘Ichiban Kuji Lottery Pokémon anytime’ series is now available for you to enjoy various times with your Pokémon! The theme this time is ‘Picnic’.

The lineup includes a plushie of Pikachu, Yammer and Eevee wearing a slightly dressed-up scarf, and a cute mascot with a drawstring! There are also large tote bags for picnics and other outings, cute rubber key chains, tableware, and towel collections that let you feel like you’re having a picnic at home.

Let’s enjoy a picnic with the Pokemon!

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The items can be obtained at any of the following locations; Bookstores, TSUTAYA, animate stores, hobby stores, game centers, drugstores, and Pokémon Centers.

Each drawing will cost ¥650 and you even have an opportunity to register your kuji ticket for a last-chance drawing to get a special Eevee plush. I can already see my bank account crying…

Ichiban Kuji, The Pokémon Company
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