Ichika’s BEMANI Super Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament 2020″ is Now Live!

Ichika’s tournament is a brand new event for everyone at home, since it’s strictly web based, and is taking place on the e-amusement website. Starting today, enter BEMANI ambassador Ichika’s rock, paper, scissors tournament to unlock special exclusive goodies like e-amusement app photo frames, and crossover songs from other titles.

Log in everyday on the e-amusement app to earn an exclusive photo frame! You have until September to collect all 7, so no worries if you miss a day or two..

Log on to the event site each day to play a game of rock, paper, scissors. Receive 5 stamps if you win, 2 stamps if you draw, and 1 stamp if you lose. 20 stamps will earn you one song. Songs can be unlocked on the ‘Stamp Office’ tab to the right.

This is only Part 1, (Ichika’s Selection) with 2 more sets from Nono & Miya coming soon!

Players unable to contribute and earn these modern crossover songs will have a chance at a later date where they will be available for all players during an in-game event.

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