Tricol Teams up With ICHIRAN Ramen for Counter Fight ICHIRAN

ICHIRAN VR Screenshot

If there is anything that I absolutely love more than anything about living in Japan is the ridiculous abundance of ramen restaurants around. So much that I think ramen should be in its own food group. Ever since I was a teenager, the prospect of working in a ramen restaurant always fascinated me, but growing up in California, that wasn’t a huge opportunity. Now, I have the ability to live my lifelong dream thanks to developer Tricol teaming up with Ichiran Ramen to bring Counter Fight ICHIRAN to Oculus VR platforms.

Tricol, a content planning and development company, will release Counter Fight ICHIRAN, a work simulation for Oculus Quest/Oculus Quest 2, on 15 January in the Oculus Store for the low price of  ¥1,480 yen. Counter Fight Ichiran is a completely new type of VR cooking game that combines the VR work simulation game ‘Counter Fight’ with the experience of ICHIRAN, a natural tonkotsu ramen specialty restaurant known for its taste-concentration counter. KDDI is cooperating in the planning of this project.

The game sees you making ramen in the same fashion that the legendary ramen chain ICHIRAN would do so, all the way down to their signature spicy paste.

ICHIRAN VR screenshot

If you’ve ever wanted to work in a ramen restaurant or are just a ramen aficionado like myself, I can see you having a blast with this game, even more in VR. The unique blend of skills it takes to make a proper ramen dish seems to be replicated pretty adequately in Counter Fight ICHIRAN, and basing on the trailer Tricol released, it looks like that they went the extra mile to ensure that it matches the ramen chain’s standards.

So what are you waiting for? Get the water boiling and the soup stirring and start whipping up some delicious ramen.

Tricol, ICHIRAN Ramen
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