Konami Release Chuuden and Kaiden Courses for Beatmania IIDX 28 BISTROVER

Bistrover Class Select Screenshot

Now that we’re into 2021, Konami has resumed updates for its flagship beatmania IIDX28 BISTROVER title. Today saw several updates to the title, including some new goodies exclusive to the Lightning Model cabinets. For starters, they have made the class ranking courses of Chuuden and Kaiden available for players to test their skills on. They have also released the full combo splash exclusive for BISTROVER, and last but not least, a mode which is exclusive to the Lightning Model cabinets: a Kaiden Kiwami course that will take the place of the Eisei Kaiden course that was introduced on beatmania IIDX27 Heroic Verse.

BISTROVER Kaiden screenshot

As with each version of the game since 7th Style, the game has a Class mode where players can earn a ranking based on the difficulty of songs they can pass. Today, Konami released the two hardest courses in the game, the Chuuden ranking and Kaiden ranking, both reserved for the top players of the title. With each version, they make slight modifications to the courses to keep them relevant in terms of difficulty.

Kaiden kiwami

New to BISTROVER is the Kaiden Kiwami course which has players play various previous versions of the Kaiden course with different modifiers such as Mirror and EX hard. What makes this unique is that in order to properly clear the course, you have to play all five Kiwami courses, and the lowest point your groove gauge reached on the previous play is the highest that it can go in subsequent plays. By completing the Kaiden Kiwami course, you will earn a glowing gold Kaiden ranking on your profile page.

Golden Halo Kaiden

You can check out the Chuuden and Kaiden courses below.

Chuuden Course:

Kaiden Course:

Not as noteworthy, Konami also released the full combo splash for beatmania IIDX28 BISTROVER, which can be obtained in the Bistro shop for 50,000 Mog with your eAmusement login.


Now that beatmania IIDX28 BISTROVER is in full swing, I’m sure we’re going to start to see more and more content being released to players over the coming months.

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