Ikebukuro PARCO Announces KIRBY’s DREAM FACTORY Pop-Up

Kirby Pop Up TOP

The amount of special pop-up stores surrounding anime, manga, and games that happen in Japan is almost mind-boggling. Τoday PARCO announced that they will be opening a new Kirby pop-up shop in the Ikebukuro PARCO location titled KIRBY’s DREAM FACTORY.


The pop-up is themed after Kirby and PARCO even issued a back story surrounding the entire concept:

Somewhere in Pupupland, there’s a pink, pop-up sweets factory called ‘Kirby’s Dream Factory’, and their sweets are all the rage right now! Waddle-Dee and the other workers are busy squeezing, baking, and decorating the ingredients that come down the conveyor belt, and Kirby, the factory manager, is busy picking up… well, quality control. We invite you to take a tour of the Sweets Factory of Dreams.


Τhere will be a number of limited edition items that fans of the pink puff can indulge themselves with. There will be plush toys, mugs, bags, sweets, and even washi tape. There certainly is something for any fan of Kirby to pick up.


The KIRBY’s DREAM FACTORY pop-up shop will be in Ikebukuro PARCO from 13 August 2021 through 5 September 2021. Entrance to the pop-up is free, so if you happen to be in the Tokyo area, this is certainly something that you’re going to want to check out!

HAL Laboratories, PARCO
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