Ikumi Nakamura Will Launch Indie Video Game Studio

Ikumi Nakamura

Ikumi Nakamura will start her own indie video game studio, the former Tango Gameworks creative director recently said.

The game creator and creative director talked about her past and her future plans during a 17-minute video posted to the Cutscenes channel on YouTube.

In the video, Nakamura explores abandoned buildings, which seems appropriate for someone who was the creative director of the upcoming Ghostwire: Tokyo. She talks about her experience with the video games Okami, Bayonetta, and The Evil Within, before telling about Ghostwire and her decision to quit. Nakamura also talks about her on-stage presentation for Bethesda at E3 in 2019.

She sounds very enthusiastic about going independent: ‘After going around the world visiting studios, a second objective I have is to hire many foreigners in my studio.’ she says. ‘It’s stimulating to learn about new cultures. Of course, there’s a language barrier, but even for someone like me who can’t speak English, I want to speak with people who have the curiosity to learn and understand each other.’

She also talks about women in the gaming industry and the need for diversity and gender equality. Finally, she compares herself to Deadpool when talking about wanting to make games with dark jokes. ‘One thing I’m aiming for is to stop making games too seriously,’ she says.

Cutscenes channel on YouTube
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