Upcoming “IMAGINATION vol.1” Compilation Pairs Virtual YouTuber’s with Producers to Cover Anisong Classics

Every now and then something so good pops up in my feed that it leaves me questioning whether the simulation really is just trying to stop me from noticing everything crumbling around me. Something that basically brings together each and every one of my interests into a single place in ways that shouldn’t even be possible — yet here we are.

Bringing together some of the most relevant producers in Japan, Virtual YouTuber label RK Music, in collaboration with Miraicha Records, has begun teasing their upcoming “IMAGINATION vol. 1” compilation that pairs Virtual YouTuber’s side-by-side with producers to officially recompose some of anime’s most iconic songs. While at the time of writing only three of the songs have been revealed, never in my life did I think I’d be writing about the upcoming release of a YUC’e recomposition of “Don’t Say ‘Lazy'” from K-ON! with vocals provided by Virtual YouTuber duo Omega Sisters.

But the talent being brought on for this project doesn’t end there, not even close. It’s already been announced that both Yunomi and Tomggg are being brought on for this project, being joined by Virtual YouTuber’s Tokino Sora and Eru respectively. Building on top of this, RK Music has called on illustrator F*Kaori to handle the design of the project, with each artist reveal adding another character to the coverart.

While there’s still plenty more to be announced, the current tracklist for “IMAGINATION vol. 1” is already looking absolutely incredible.

CHiCO with HoneyWorks – “Sekai wa Koi ni Ochiteiru” (Tokino Sora & Yunomi Cover) [Blue Spring Ride]
Sakurakou Keion-bu – “Don’t Say ‘Lazy'” (Omega Sisters & YUC’e Cover) [K-On!]
Nagi Yanagi – “Yukitoki” (Eru & Tomggg Cover) [My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU]

With artists being revealed for the project every two days, it’ll be interesting to see how the final tracklist ends up looking. While details remain tight about the project and its participants, it has been detailed that there is a total of 12 pairs of artists involved and that the compilation will begin distribution in Spring 2019. With much still to be revealed about the upcoming “IMAGINATION vol. 1”, those interested in diving deeper into information can check out the project’s official website.

RK Music, Miraicha Records
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