The Leaks Were Real – ‘Index’ Season 3 Confirmed for 2018

It has been almost seven whole years since A Certain Magical Index” season 2 came to an end. Even with 2013’s rather excellent film side story A Certain Magical Index: The Movie – The Miracle of Endymion,” fans have been clamoring for more animated goodness within Kazuma Kamachi’s main light novel storyline.

At long last, that wish is about to come true. At this year’s Dengeki Bunko Aki no Saiten event, the third season was officially revealed to be in production. Key voice actors, like Atsushi Abe (Toma) and Yuka Iguchi (Index) are reprising their roles. It’s unknown at this point if studio J.C. Staff will be returning to animate the season. Check out the announcement trailer below, featuring footage from the past Index projects!


Surprisingly (or not, depending on how you look at it), we knew something was up even a week or so ago. An upcoming episode of Animax’s in-house variety program will be hosting two key people from the Index project, namely, Kohei Kawase, the producer, and Kazuma Miki, an editor and producer on the series in the past. At first glance, it seemed a rather routine and innocuous discussion of the series and its past, but you’d only glean that looking at the episode’s description now. For just the briefest of time, the page also sported the following blurb, translated:

A Certain Magical Index Season 3’s Broadcast Green-Lit!

A Certain Magical Index, captivating many fans since season 1 began airing in 2008 and season 2 in 2010. Over six years later, the broadcast of season 3 has been green-lit! About a decade after season 1, what kind of story will turn out?

It would indeed seem that a big production secret was leaked much ahead of time, and considering the source, I had no reason to doubt that we’d be hearing something official very soon.

As a massive fan of the anime series who got into the expanded world seen in the light novels and Mikoto Misaka’s spinoff A Certain Scientific Railgun,” you know I’m psyched. Many are questioning why there was such a long gap between production in a series that has enjoyed very steady sales in the light novel realm, so it will be interesting to see if this will prompt any new fans to join the fold. We’ll keep you updated as more information is shared!

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