KONAMI Launches pop’n music Selection Vol.1 for Beatmania IIDX INFINITAS

pop'n music selection visual

I had a feeling when KONAMI launched the ‘Start Up Pack Collection’ for its PC version of beatmania IIDXbeatmania IIDX INFINITAS, we were going to see some pretty unique things happening with the title in the future. But I never expected anything like what they dropped today. KONAMI has done the unthinkable and announced that they are bringing something called the ‘pop’n music Selection Vol.1’ pack to INFINITAS. It’s kind of crazy (in a good way) that they’re bringing more of pop’n music to IIDX.

pop'n music songs selection

Normally, when KONAMI releases new song packs, they include songs that have been featured in the beatmania IIDX series previously. With this new pop’n music Selection Vol.1 pack, that is definitely not the case, as all the songs, with the exception of a couple, have never been featured in a IIDX title.

The pack contains twelve songs, all new to INFINITAS, with the exception of ‘Vinculum stellarum’, ‘The Sealer ~ア・ミリアとミリアの民~’, おーまい!らぶりー!すうぃーてぃ!だーりん!, 恋はどう?モロ◎波動OK☆方程式!!’, and ‘Eine Haube ~聖地の果てにあるもの~’. That means that you have seven brand new songs to the game that you have never played in IIDX before.

The songs contained within the pack are:

Title Artist Name
Amabie BEMANI Sound Team “Coyaan”
朱と碧のランページ NU-KO
雪上断火 Des-ROW・組
Space Dog Sana
恋はどう?モロ◎波動OK☆方程式!! あべにゅうぷろじぇくと feat. 佐倉紗織 produced by ave;new
Eine Haube ~聖地の果てにあるもの~ AIKO OI
The Sealer ~ア・ミリアとミリアの民~ Zektbach
おーまい!らぶりー!すうぃーてぃ!だーりん! BEMANI Sound Team “PON” feat.NU-KO
Vinculum stellarum iconoclasm

The pop’n music Selection Vol.1 pack is currently available to purchase through the beatmania IIDX INFINITAS portal for the modest price of ¥2,480. That’s actually not a bad price considering you’re getting a bunch of new content for the game rather than content that has been available for quite some time in the arcade. Hopefully, KONAMI continues this pattern and we see some more crossover content coming to beatmania IIDX INFINITAS in the future.

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