INFINITicon – An English Speaker’s Guide to beatmania IIDX INFINITAS

Before indulging in this insanely in-depth guide, I wanted to thank Marc ‘K0LDX‘ Chu for taking the time to tackle this behemoth of a guide for new players wanting to get into this game. Marc took the time to put in the work (with help from others listed below) and allow us to host this guide to be shared on a wider platform. 

What is beatmania IIDX INFINITAS?

Beatmania IIDX INFINITAS is the latest home release of beatmania IIDX. Designed for Windows PCs and first released back in 2015, it is a subscription based platform operating off of Konami’s Amusement Game Station (formerly the e-Amusement cloud service) that is continuously updated with new songs and content. If you’re looking for a way to play newer beatmania IIDX content at home, can’t get to an arcade with a IIDX machine, or want to start playing the game and support the Bemani team at the same time, then INFINITAS is for you.

Wait, subscription? How much does it cost? And what do I get?

An INFINITAS subscription costs 1598 yen each month. This can be paid for either with a japanese debit/credit card or PASELI, which is Konami’s digital currency for arcade games.

What you get in return is access to INFINITAS for each month that you pay your subscription. This includes unlimited song play in Standard mode, unlimited access to INFINITAS rival data as well as UI customization. In addition, Konami gives exclusive access to 2 of the songs they add each month to their current subscribers.

Okay, how good does my PC have to be in order to run it?

According to the INFINITAS website, these are the minimum required specs to run INFINITAS:

  • OS: Windows 7, 8.1 or 10
  • Processor: 2.8GHz (recommended: Intel® Core™ i5 3.2GHz or higher, AMD A8 at 3.5GHz or higher)
  • Hard Drive: 30GB or more, with additional space allowed for updates
  • RAM: 2GB (recommended: 4GB or higher)
  • Graphics Card: 256MB GPU or higher
  • Resolution: 1280×720 or higher @ 60 Hz
  • Microsoft DirectX® 9.0C or higher
  • Stereo sound card
  • Internet connection (wired connection recommended)

If you’re unsure if the game will run well, there is a ‘Trial’ version available on the INFINITAS website that you can download and run. The game will auto play MIRACLE MEETS Single Another to test your computer and see if the game runs smoothly. If the song plays in sync and you don’t see or hear any major problems, then you’re good to go!

Is there anything else I should know?

Since the game runs off of the e-Amusement cloud, any time that the e-Amusement servers are down for maintenance, both INFINITAS and all related web services for Konami will be unusable. So when does Konami perform server maintenance?

  • Every Day from 5:00 AM JST to 7:00 AM JST
  • Every Third Tuesday of the Month from 2:00 AM JST to 7:00 AM JST

On top of that, some features in the game are locked behind something called INFINITAS Play Tickets; These cost 100 yen or 108 PASELI each and are used to enter Championship Mode, play Class Mode, and utilize other features of Standard mode. You don’t need to buy them to play, but they do allow you to do more with the game.

Alright, I’m in. What do I need to do to sign up?

First things first, in order to sign up for INFINITAS, you’ll need either an active (used at least once on a machine connected to Konami’s servers) e-Amusement pass or a virtual e-Amusement pass (more on that later), and a Japanese Konami ID account set up for yourself. You’ll also want to make sure that you have PASELI services turned on for your pass, since not only is this the most likely way you’re going to be paying for your subscription, but if you want to do anything else with INFINITAS that requires PASELI, you will need to have it turned on.

If you don’t have an e-Amusement pass, and don’t live near a Round 1, Dave & Busters or any kind of arcade machine that isn’t officially connected to Konami’s servers, you can create a ‘virtual’ e-Amusement pass on your account in order to use PASELI-linked services such as INFINITAS.

That all said, the first step is to make a Japanese Konami ID and link your physical pass to it, or create a virtual pass on your account. We have a really good guide on how to create a Japanese Konami ID (with pictures!) here.

If you need to create a virtual pass, once you create your Konami ID and have everything set up, scroll to the bottom of your e-Amusement homepage and click on the link highlighted in the picture below. This will take you to where you can create a virtual pass. From there, you just need to input your 4-digit PIN, confirm it, click accept, and you’re good to go.

Once you’ve completed those steps, you’re ready to sign up and download INFINITAS.

STEP 1: Download the INFINITAS client and install INFINITAS

Both the INFINITAS client and trial version can be downloaded from the INFINITAS website. However, the download links won’t appear unless you are logged in to your Konami ID. Once you are, go to the INFINITAS website and look towards the top for the green and blue buttons. The green one is for the Trial version if you want to test your computer, the blue one is for the INFINITAS client download.

Once you click the button, it’ll take you to another page with a similarly colored button. Click that button to start the download. If you don’t see the download button on the following page, make sure you are logged in to your Konami ID and refresh the page. I strongly recommend installing the Trial version of the game first and running it to make sure that the game runs smoothly on your computer.

After you download the installer, run it, agree to the terms, and install the game. Once the installation is complete, open the launcher and you’ll be presented with this login screen regardless of if you’re running the Trial version or the full client. If you’re running the Trial, enter your Konami ID credentials in the appropriate fields and press ‘Game Start’ to launch INFINITAS and run the Trial version. Once you’re satisfied the game will run well, or you just want to skip the Trial version, proceed to step 2.


STEP 2: Updating INFINITAS to the current version

The base version of the client you download is the bare bones version of INFINITAS. In order for it to run, you’ll need to download updates to make your client current with the release that’s live on the servers. This is done by clicking the little folder and magnifying glass option on the right side of the launcher, or ‘File Check’.

Once you open up the File Check, it’ll pop up with a green menu that has three options; Update, Folder and Cancel. Since you’re doing a fresh install of INFINITAS, you’ll want the first option. Click Update and let the game download all the updates it needs to make itself current. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, this process could take a while, so be prepared to wait at least a few hours during this process. Once it’s complete and everything’s updated, there will be a ‘Close’ button. Click it, the launcher will close and then relaunch itself:

Note that this update process will need to be done every time that Konami releases a client update for INFINITAS, which typically is once per month.

STEP 3: Setting up your controller

If you want to play with anything other than a keyboard, you will need a USB based controller, or a means to convert your controller to USB input. That said, this process will be either super easy or will require a little effort depending on what type of controller you’re going to play with:

beatmania IIDX INFINITAS Premium Controller

These can be hard to find/obtain currently and are unfortunately the only officially supported controller for the game. If you have one, you should be able to just plug it in via USB and use it; The game will auto detect it and adjust itself accordingly without any external support.

DJ Dao FP7/FPS/C33/Real Edition/Platinum Edition

Thanks to firmware updates, these controllers can be used as if they were an INFINITAS Premium Controller and are USB based. If you are using one of these, refer to DJ Dao’s website on how to update the firmware (if needed) and configure your controller to work with INFINITAS.

PS2 Arcade Style Controller/Konami Official Controller

With the help of a PS2 to USB adaptor and an external program like Joy2key or Xpadder, you can use these with INFINITAS. However, since the turntables in these controllers are not analog like the DJ Daos or the INFINITAS Premium Controller, navigating menus using your turntable will not be practical since they won’t stop on command or move to your exact speed.

For good, reliable PS2 to USB converters, Brook makes a line of said converters that convert to a wide array of consoles that use USB (PS3, PS4, 360, XB1, etc) and, any of these should work just fine for using a controller on PC. You can find them in a few dedicated places online, such as Paradise Arcade Shop and Amazon.

If you are using a controller that requires Joy2key or Xpadder to run, or are using a USB keyboard to play, this is the default keyboard layout that you’ll want to bind your controller’s buttons to:

1P Key 1Z
1P Key 2S
1P Key 3X
1P Key 4D
1P Key 5C
1P Key 6F
1P Key 7V
1P Forward ScratchLeft Shift
1P Back ScratchLeft Control
2P Key 1B
2P Key 2H
2P Key 3N
2P Key 4J
2P Key 5M
2P Key 6K
2P Key 7,
2P Forward ScratchRight Shift
2P Back ScratchRight Ctrl
Start/Open MenuTab
Select/Change Difficulty1


Regardless of which controller you use (if any), keeping your keyboard nearby is highly recommended, as some game functions can only be performed using the keyboard. These will be detailed later on.

STEP 4: Paying for your subscription

If you’re reading this guide, the odds are high that you don’t have a japanese credit or debit card that Konami will accept for payment. Instead, the way you can pay for your subscription is using a currency card. BitCash is a currency card that Konami does accept for payment, and these can be purchased digitally from a few places online. OffGamers is the best site I’ve found that sell BitCash cards in the denominations Konami accepts, so I would recommend either of those places for buying yours.

Since INFINITAS costs 1598 yen per month, you’ll want to purchase a 2000 yen BitCash card. Both sites charge around $20 USD before taxes and fees for said card, and you can use the leftover PASELI however you please. (e-Amuse tickets, arcade services subscription, save it, whatever.) For how to add it, we have a very good guide on how to do so here.

Once you have the required PASELI balance in your account, go back to the INFINITAS website and click the big orange button at the top of the page. This is the ‘subscribe’ button:

On the next page, you’ll see an option for the beatmania IIDX INFINITAS BASIC COURSE subscription. This is the option you want. Click it and it will take you to a second page detailing the terms and rules. The link you want will be below the bold red text. Click it, and it’ll reveal a grey confirmation button take you to a confirmation page.

You’ll be given two different options for payment. Select PASELI as your method of payment and click the big grey ‘Subscribe’ button. Confirm one more time, and then you’re good to go.

When you’ve successfully subscribed, you’ll see a green box below the subscription with black kanji on the course offerings page, and the subscribe button on the INFINITAS website will now take you to this page showing that you are subscribed, along with the terms and rules and an option to cancel. This indicates that you’re subscribed for the service, and are now ready to launch and play INFINITAS. As for when your next subscription fee is due, Konami collects the fees on the 1st of every month, and this is regardless of when you subscribed the previous month.

So, if you are looking at subscribing and the month is just about over, you may want to wait until the 1st to subscribe in order to maximize your subscription time.

With everything set up and ready to go, open the launcher, enter in your Konami ID credentials and click on ‘Game Start’ to launch INFINITAS!

What if I decide I want to cancel my subscription?

Follow the same steps as described above and click on the orange button on the INFINITAS home page. At the bottom of the page for the INFINITAS Basic Course Subscription, there is an unsubscribe link to cancel your subscription and have Konami stop billing you. If you do cancel, you will be allowed to play INFINITAS until your current subscription time runs out.

Your other option to cancel your subscription is to simply let the PASELI in your account run out, as Konami will automatically cancel your subscription if there is insufficient PASELI to pay for your subscription when the fee comes due and you don’t have a credit card on file to pay for it otherwise.

Regardless of how you cancel, your scores will be saved and your data will remain on the INFINITAS servers for a time, but Konami does not guarantee that they will stay on the servers forever. So, if you stay unsubscribed for too long, you run the risk of having your data deleted.

How different is INFINITAS to play?

If you’ve played any version of IIDX that’s Tricoro or beyond, the game looks and functions similar to that and the current releases that have followed of the game in terms of interface and options. If you haven’t touched IIDX since Lincle and before, it would do you some good to read up on the changes implemented in Tricoro to things like the options menu and hi-speeds at the very least.

What INFINITAS does do differently is a few new options and couple of play mode changes that are unique to the game:


  • KEY ASSIST – Allows chords with 3+ notes to be hit by pressing 2 keys instead. Turning this on also turns on Legacy Note, and clearing a song with this enabled counts as an Assist Clear.
  • ANY KEY – Allows you to hit any note with any key on the keyboard and is meant to be for calibrating timing. Activating this modifier also activates Legacy Note, and songs cleared with this enabled are counted as an Assist Clear.
  • MOVIE DISPLAY – Turns the music video display on or off during gameplay only. Turning the movie display off will instead replace the music video with a graphic of the INFINITAS logo and text below it that says ‘Sound Only.’


  • STANDARD – Standard mode in INFINITAS works closer to Free mode in older CS releases. All stages are counted as Extra Stages, you have no restrictions on what difficulty levels you can play, can repeat songs as much as you’d like, and there is no game over should you fail your song.
  • CHAMPIONSHIP – This is a special mode that is only selectable while Konami has a championship event running. The rules and conditions change with each event, so pay attention to the INFINITAS website for when Championship mode is active as well as the songs/rules applicable to the current Championship. Championship mode costs 1 play ticket per attempt.
  • CLASS – Danintei/Class mode returns in INFINITAS, and carries courses from 7th Kyu all the way to Kaiden for both singles and doubles. Currently there is no gameplay benefit to attaining a higher rank outside of achievement rewards and bragging rights. Playing Class mode costs 1 play ticket per attempt.
  • ?????? – There is currently a 4th unselectable option on mode select. We have no idea what this mode is for. Once we know, this section will be updated.

How do I navigate the menus?

The game navigates pretty closely to previous AC/CS relases of beatmania IIDX, however, the game does do some things differently:

General Menu Controls:

CommandKeyboardINFINITAS Controller
Move/ChangeL/R Ctrl, L/R Shift, Arrow KeysTurntable
ConfirmEnter/White KeyE1/White Key
CancelBackspace/Black KeyBlack Key
End MenuEscE4


Music Select:

CommandKeyboardINFINITAS Controller
Open OptionsTabE1
Switch Options MenuBackspace (with Options open)E2
Open MissionsTab (Hold)E1 (Hold)
Change SortingNum Key/Pad 2Black Key
Change SP/DPNum Key/Pad 3N/A
Change DifficultyNum Key/Pad 1E3
Close Open FolderBackspace/Black KeyBlack Key
Pacemaker InputNum Pad/KeysN/A



CommandKeyboardINFINITAS Controller
Open Hi-SpeedEnterE1
Floating Hi-SpeedEnter + Backspace E1 + E2
Increase Hi-SpeedEnter + Black KeyE1 + Black Key
Decrease Hi-SpeedEnter + White KeyE1 + White Key
Adjust Floating Hi-SpeedTurntable/Arrow KeysTurntable
Switch Graph SideEnter + Arrow Left/RightN/A
Toggle Lane CoverEnter x2E1 x2
Adjust Lane CoverEnter + Arrow Up/DownE1 + Turntable
Adjust LiftEnter + Arrow Up/DownE1 + Turntable
Quit EarlyEscE2 + E3


How do I quit playing?

At any point in any of the game’s menus, you can quit by pressing Esc (or E4 on an INFINITAS controller) to open the end menu. You’ll be presented three options. In order from top to bottom;

  • Return to Title/Mode Select
  • Quit Game
  • Close the Menu

Any time you back out of Music Select with the first two options, you will be taken to the card out/log out screen and shown a summary of your play session. If you’ve earned any Achievement Mission rewards from your play, they will also be awarded here.

How do I use Rival Data?

Rival data is managed through the INFINITAS website. On the front page, click the ‘DJ DATA’ button at the top to open the DJ DATA portal. Note that you will need to be logged in to your Konami ID in order to access the portal.

Once in the portal, the first page will be your personal data. Here, you’ll find your INFINITAS ID, class mode ranks, DJ Points, total BITS, and other info pertaining to your personal play data. It’s important to note that every INFINITAS player is assigned an ID number, formatted as C-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX. And, if you’re looking to add someone to your rival list, this is the best and easiest way to do so.

Once you have your friend’s/rival’s ID number, or if you want to find a rival using other means, click on ‘Rival Search’ on the left menu. This will bring up the rival search page.

You can search for rivals using a number of different criteria; INFINITAS ID, DJ Name, Area, DJ Points, class mode rank, players who have most recently logged in and played. If you have an ID to search with, you’ll want to enter it into the top field and then click the search button to the left of it. Otherwise, enter in the criteria for how you want to search in the fields provided and then click search to the right.

After you click search, the page will create a list of players that match what you searched for and a basic summary of each. Once you find the player you’re looking for, click their name to pull up their information page.

You’ll be presented with a quick rundown of their info, like your own page when you’re first greeted by the DJ DATA portal. Once you’re satisfied, click the ’Add Rival’ button at the bottom of the page. You’ll get a confirmation saying they’ve been added to your rival list, and offering you a link to go to said list. However, you’re not quite done yet. The last step if you want to use their data in game is to set them as an active rival. To do this, you’ll want to go to your rival list by clicking on the rival list button on the left.

Here, you’ll find a list of all of the players you’ve added as rivals. However, in order to use their data in game, you’ll need to set them as an active rival. Active rivals appear in your in game rival list, meaning you can race against their scores while you play songs and, if they add you as an active rival in turn, makes you both eligible to receive rival challenges from each other.

To set a rival as active, go to your rival list and click on the name of rival you want to make active. On the next page below their data, you’ll notice that there is a pair of radio buttons for single play and double play, labelled ‘Active’ and ‘Not Active,’ along with two grey confirmation buttons; The first below the radio buttons applies changes to active/not active status, while the one at the bottom deletes the rival from your list.

You’re allowed to have up to five individual active rivals for both single play and double play, meaning you can have completely different active rival lists for both. To set someone as an active rival, click the active radio button on their page for whichever play mode you wish to make them a rival, and then click the confirm button below the options.

You’ll be shown a confirmation page confirming the changes were made. When you go back to your rival list, you’ll notice now that under SP and DP active on the list that there is a ‘○’ under the mode that you added them. If you see a double circle or ‘◎’ instead for that rival under your list, it means that you are mutual rivals and are eligible to send and receive rival challenges with each other for that play mode.

Another option you have for finding rivals is to see who has you listed as a rival. Your ‘Reverse Rival List’ shows all players on INFINITAS who currently have you added to their active rivals list. From this list, you can add them back in the same way you’ve added someone to your Rival List by clicking their DJ name, and then repeating the same steps as listed above.

What are Rival Challenges?

Rival challenges are EX score challenges issued to and from your active rivals on your list that have mutually added you as a rival and also have you on their active list. These show up under a special red folder in music select labelled with kanji that reads ‘Rival Challenges’ below your Rival Win/Lose folders.

To issue a rival challenge to your rival, you must:

  • Beat your current best score (green graph)
  • Beat your rival’s best score (red graph)

Once you finish a song and meet both of the criteria above, your score will be sent to all of your active rivals with a lower score as a challenge automatically. And the song, with your score, will appear in their rival challenge folder.

To attempt to beat a challenge, open your rival challenge folder and choose a song that you want to try to beat your rival’s score on. You’ll also notice that there’s an extra window that pops up while your rival challenge folder is open that shows which of your rivals owns the score, by how much they’re beating you in EX score, when the challenge showed up in your folder, and if the challenge is a ‘reverse,’ meaning it’s a score that your rival achieved from beating one of your challenges. Your rival challenge folder can hold up to 30 such challenges, and songs/challenges in this folder are removed either upon being successfully cleared, or if you receive a challenge beyond your 30th. In which case, the oldest challenge in your folder will be the first to be deleted to make room.

If you receive a challenge on a song that you currently do not have unlocked, you will be granted temporary access to the song and difficulty that the challenge is for, and your EX score and clear status will also be saved for songs played this way. However, you will be ineligible to receive Reward Mission rewards (detailed below), and once the challenge is either cleared or otherwise removed, your access to the song in Standard mode will be revoked until you unlock it.

What are BITs?

BITs are the in-game currency for beatmania IIDX INFINITAS. Similar to Dellars/FRICO/etc in arcade releases, BITs allow you to unlock songs on the INFINITAS songwheel along with UI customization options through the e-Amuse portal. BITs cannot be purchased externally and can only be obtained by playing INFINITAS.

How do you earn BITs?

BITs are primarily earned through completing missions while playing INFINITAS, and missions come in three different types; Achievement Missions, Reward Missions, and Repeat Missions. Completing any mission will reward you with an amount of BITs corresponding to the difficulty of the mission. The harder the mission, the greater the BIT reward.

Konami also can award BITs through other means as they so choose, and can also deploy bonus rate events to the server, so pay attention to the official website and their Twitter account (@infinitas573) to watch for announcements on bonus BIT events!

Daily Login Bonus

Your first log-in to INFINITAS each day will reward you with 1000 BITs.

Achievement Missions

Achievement missions are awarded at the card out/log out screen at the end of a play session. These rewards are not repeatable, but do award sizable amounts of bits and are based typically on total cumulative play milestones.

Total Plays:

-100 BITs for every 10 songs played (10-100 songs)

-550 BITs for every 50 songs played (150-1000 songs)

-1000 BITs for every 100 songs played (1100-5000 songs)

-5500 BITs for every 500 songs played (5500-10000 songs)

Total DJ Point:

-1000 BITs for every 100 DJ Points (100-6000 DJ Points)

Total Clear:

-300 BITs for every 10 songs cleared (10-100 songs)

-1100 BITs for every 50 songs cleared (150-1000 songs)

-2000 BITs for every 100 songs cleared (1100-5000 songs)

-11000 BITs for every 500 songs cleared (5500-10000 songs)

Rival Challenge:

-200 BITs for your first rival challenge defeated

-1000 BITs for every 5 challenges defeated (up to your 10th)

-2000 BITs for every 10 challenges defeated (20-100 challenges)

Class Mode:

Single play and double play are tracked separately, meaning you can earn bits from clearing the same course on both singles and doubles. However, a successful clear of a course will only reward the BITs for the class you cleared. You will not earn the BITs associated with the classes below the rank you cleared. (i.e. Clearing 6th Dan will not award you with 5th Dan and below’s rewards.)

Playing class mode requires an INFINITAS play ticket for each attempt.

7th Kyu to 1st Kyu 5000
1st Dan to 10th Dan10000


As for the courses themselves, here’s the complete list(s):

Single play

Rank1st Stage2nd Stage3rd StageFinal Stage
7th Kyu5.1.1.KEEP ON MOVIN’中華急行earth scape
6th KyuかずあそびSpicaD.A.N.C.E.!I Was The One
5th Kyuscar in the earthバビロニアNoN-Fiction Story!One of A Kind
4th Kyuサヨナラ・ヘヴンShe is my wifeSP-TRIP MACHINE (for beatmania II)airflow
3rd KyuSecond HeavenまほろばSigSigREINCARNATION
2nd Kyuspiral galaxy -L.E.D. STYLE SPREADING PARTICLE BEAM MIX-Evans -prototype-合体せよ!ストロングイェーガー!! (Ryu☆ remix)ライオン好き
1st Danwith you…GOLD RUSHUnder the SkyGALGALIM
2nd Danbass 2 bassZenius -I- vanisher山岡晃の「クイズ!家事都合!」Abyss
4th Danera (nostalmix) 虹色thunderR5
6th Dan黒髪乱れし修羅となりてbloomin’ feelingFLOWERColors (radio edit)
7th DanVmosaicAnisakis -somatic mutation type”Forza”-THE SAFARI
8th DanAA灼熱Beach Side Bunnymoon_childgigadelic
9th DanXepherSpica旅人リランmoon_child
10th DanmosaicAAワルツ第17番 ト短調”大犬のワルツ”reunion
ChuudenEXUSIAquell~the seventh slave~MENDESAlmagest
KaidenG59灼熱Beach Side Bunny卑弥呼


Double Play

Rank1st Stage2nd Stage3rd StageFinal Stage
7th Kyu5.1.1.I Was The OneGAMBOLearth scape
6th KyuKEEP ON MOVIN’Dancin’ Into The NightI Was The Oneairflow
5th Kyubeing torn the skyChocolate DancingD.A.N.C.E.!Spica
4th KyuPARANOiA MAX~DIRTY MIX~EMPTY OF THE SKYDancin’ Into The Nightscar in the earth
3rd KyuBrazilian FireかずあそびR3REINCARNATION
2nd Kyumoon_childOne of A Kind未来のプリズムD.A.N.C.E.!
1st Kyubit maniaDOMINIONKeep it-秋葉工房mix-Roots of my way!
1st DanZenius -I- vanisherstarmineバビロニア旅人リラン
2nd Danライオン好きUnder the Sky華蝶風雪凛として咲く花の如く
4th DanKAMIKAZErainbow rainbowsatellite020712 from “CODED ARMS”
5th DanDESIRESecond HeavenZenius -I- vanishermosaic
6th DanR5サヨナラ・ヘヴンSorrowsFLOWER
7th Dan水上の提督(Short mix from “幻想水滸伝V”)SHELTER OF THE MINDAIR RAID FROM THA UNDERGROUNDsatellite020712 from “CODED ARMS”
9th DanElishaSakura ReflectionArabian Rave NightXepher
10th DanAAEXUSIA雪月花Raison d’être~交差する宿命~
ChuudenAワルツ第17番 ト短調”大犬のワルツ”灼熱Beach Side Bunnymoon_child
Kaidenピアノ協奏曲第1番”蠍火”MENDESBad ManiacsAlmagest


Reward Missions

Reward Missions apply to each chart of every song (Normal, Hyper, Another) on single and double play, and are awarded upon a successful clear of the chart with the appropriate status. These rewards can stack with each other, (i.e. On your first play of 5.1.1. SPN, you get a full combo, so you get the bits for a normal clear, hard clear, ex hard clear and full combo clear all at the same time.) however, they can only be earned once and are not repeatable.



You can also quickly see what your mission status is at music select with the gauge that appears just above your score data window. This will show what clear status you have achieved on the highlighted song and difficulty, along with what clear statuses you have yet to achieve:

Repeat Missions

As their name implies, these missions can be repeated once every 22 hours. To earn any rewards from these missions, you must select the mission through the mission select panel.

Note that you are only awarded credit towards a mission if it is in one of your active frames. If a mission isn’t selected as one of your active missions, you will not make any progress towards it.

By default, you can only have one active mission at a time, but you can add up to two more active mission slots for 24 hours by using an INFINITAS play ticket for each one.

The game will also warn you when you have a mission frame without a mission with a pop up in the top center of the screen. If you see this, you should look at selecting a mission before proceeding to choose a song:

Music Play/Clear/Full Combo:

Missions in these categories run at intervals of 5, up to a maximum of 30. (i.e. 5, 10, 15, etc.) And the BIT reward associated with each individual mission can be simplified to a formula for each:

-Music Play = 10 BITs x number of songs played

-Music Clear = 40 BITs x number of songs cleared

-Music Full Combo = 50 BITs x number of songs cleared

It’s important also to note that for these missions, the plays, clears or full combos do not need to be consecutive. You are allowed to fail or break your combo for the latter two mission types without having to worry about your count being reset.

DJ Level A/AA/AAA:

Awarded immediately upon clearing a song of the marked difficulty level or higher with the appropriate letter grade. If you earn the required DJ level or better than the grade the mission specifies, you will earn the reward.


LEVEL 1100150200
LEVEL 2150200250
LEVEL 3200250300
LEVEL 4250300350
LEVEL 5300350400
LEVEL 6350400450
LEVEL 7400450500
LEVEL 8450500550
LEVEL 9500550600
LEVEL 10550600650
LEVEL 11600650700
LEVEL 12650700750


Great/Perfect Count:

These missions require you to hit a set amount of notes with either great or perfect great timing. They operate in denominations of 500 for each up to 5000 for each judgement type. Like earlier missions, these are cumulative totals. And, for great count missions, perfect greats will count towards your total number of greats. Mission awards are:

  • 100 BITs for every 500 greats
  • 150 BITs for every 500 perfect greats

Quick Refresh:

If you find yourself running out of repeat missions to complete, this option will allow you to immediately finish the cooldown on all of your repeat missions at the cost of one INFINITAS play ticket. If you have no repeat missions on cool down, this option will be darkened and unselectable.

Bit Boost:

This option will double the BIT rewards you receive from repeat missions only for one hour. And, like the above option, costs one INFINITAS play ticket to activate. The timer starts immediately upon activating, and you will get boosts for each mission completed on the timer so long as the song that cleared the mission you’re currently attempting was started before the timer ran out.

How Do I Get More Songs?

Songs in INFINITAS are locked individually as well as by each individual difficulty level, and depending on the song, can either be unlocked via earning a certain number of DJ points, purchasing individual difficulties with BITs, or by purchasing a song pack with PASELI.

DJ Point Unlocks

The following songs are unlocked by achieving a certain number of DJ Points, and will unlock all three difficulty levels for play on both singles and doubles when successfully unlocked:

The Story BeginsSADA & Sota400
Dazzlin’ Darlin-秋葉工房mix-Remixed by DJ Command800
水上の提督(Short mix from “幻想水滸伝V”)猫叉Master1600
3y3s (Long Ver.)青龍3200


BIT Unlocks

Songs purchasable with BITs are locked by each individual difficulty, meaning if you want to unlock all three difficulties for one song, you will need to buy access to all three charts. Thankfully, single and double play are unlocked together when a chart is purchased, so if you unlock a song in single play, its equivalent chart will also be unlocked in doubles play at the same time.

To unlock a song, go into Standard mode and highlight the song you wish to unlock on the music wheel. If it can be unlocked using BITs, it will have a pop up showing both your current BIT total as well as the number of BITs needed to unlock the song. To confirm your unlock, press a white key or enter, and the game will ask you one more time to confirm your choice. Choose yes, and the song and difficulty you chose are now permanently unlocked for play, and the song’s cost in BITs will be deducted from your total.

The cost to unlock a song is determined by its combined difficulty level between singles and doubles. If no chart exists for either singles or doubles on a particular difficulty, its considered a 0 for the following formula;

Song Unlock Cost = (SP Level + DP Level) * 500

Example: 22DUNK on Normal is a 3 in single play and a 5 in double play. The cost then to unlock its Normal difficulty charts is 4000 BITs:

(3 + 5) * 500 = 4000

Song Packs

Konami also offers packs of songs to boost your song list for INFINITAS. These packs can only be purchased with PASELI, and permanently unlock all difficulties for the songs in each pack on both single play and doubles play.

As of this writing, there are currently only two such packs available for purchase; vol.1 (19 Lincle) and vol.2 (19 Lincle + The 7th KAC). For a full list of songs included with each, please refer to INFINITAS’s website here.

Monthly Subscriber Songs

On the first Tuesday of every month, Konami adds a minimum of 2 new songs to INFINITAS and the songs are announced both in-game as well as through the INFINITAS website and the game’s Twitter. These ‘subscriber loyalty’ songs come fully unlocked with all difficulties available for play and are exclusive to active subscribers. To claim these songs, you must have an active INFINITAS subscription and are required to log in and play Standard mode at least once during the month that they are released.

If you miss the above steps and fail to receive the monthly songs during the month that they are released to the INFINITAS network, then you must wait for them to become available for purchase with BITs.

How do I unlock and use UI customizations?

All UI customization elements can be purchased with BITs via the e-Amusement Shop, and the DJ Data portal provides you a direct link to the shop, along with your current UI options. You can also change them freely at any time when you log in.

To change a UI element, click the grey button below the item you wish to change. It will take you to a page that shows all of the available options you have for that particular element of the UI. Click the grey button below the one you wish to use, and you’ll be taken to a page confirming the change. As of this writing, you can change note explosion, turntable graphic, lane cover, notes, judgement font, full combo animation and key beams.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I play INFINITAS on a tablet PC or smartphone?

A: No.

Q: Can I transfer my scores to/from the arcade releases?

A: No, but according to their FAQ, Konami may change their minds someday.

Q: Can I change what keys are assigned to what button on my keyboard?

A: Yes. Open your options menu in Music Select, and hit Backspace/E2 until you come to the key reassignment menu. From there, you can rebind which keys on your keyboard are used for any of your 14 keys, as well as the forward and back scratch buttons. System/option commands cannot be rebound.

Q: The launcher won’t start the game.

A: Make sure your game files are up to date using the file checker and that your PC is connected to the internet, and try again.

If your game still won’t boot and you have a sound card that is connected via PCI Express, it is a known issue that these sound cards aren’t recognized by the game. Try removing/disabling your sound card and restarting.

Q: I get a ‘Graphics Initialization Failed’ error when the game tries to start.

A: According to Konami, there are a few things that can be causing the problem:

-Your graphics drivers are not up to date.

-Your display configuration isn’t supported. (It must support 1280×720 @ 60 Hz)

-Your computer’s graphics hardware does not meet the minimum requirements to run the game.

Q: I get error code 5-1505-0005 when I try to start the game.

A: This code means that the game can’t detect a sound output device. Make sure you have sound enabled on your computer, you have an output device enabled under your sound settings, and that you have speakers of some kind or a pair of headphones plugged in, and try again.

Q: When I try to launch the game, everything goes dark and the game abruptly quits.

A: This happens when the game tries to initialize it’s network connection and is blocked either by a firewall or an antivirus program. You’ll want to register bm2dx.exe to your exception list for the offending software so it can launch and communicate properly with the e-Amusement servers.

Q: I get a ‘Network Boot Error’ and it shows code 5-1502-0042.

A: This means the game cannot connect to the e-Amusement servers, and has one of two solutions:

-If it’s during a maintenance period, you’ll have to wait for it to be over.

-The game’s connection is being interrupted/blocked by your firewall, and you’ll have to make an exception for it to get through.

Q: I get a pop up to enable sticky keys when I’m playing. Can I disable it?

A: Yes. Under your Windows Control Panel, go to accessibility settings > keyboard settings > uncheck ‘allow keyboard shortcut to start sticky keys’.

Q: When I’m playing songs, they gradually go out of sync with the background music.

A: Your graphics card may be causing the problem. Try playing the game with vertical sync enabled. Or, if you have vertical sync turned on, try turning it off.

Q: When I’m playing, the game abruptly stops and then resumes, and then everything is way off sync.

A: There’s a few things that can cause this to happen. Here’s what Konami says, and what I’ve found:

-Konami recommends keeping the number of background applications running to a minimum while you’re playing, as things like email, anti-virus programs, Windows Update and programs that affect display and sound can interfere with the game running smoothly.

-Your hard drive may be fragmented, corrupted, running out of space, or otherwise unable to keep up with the demands of the game.

-If you’re using an onboard graphics card, you might be running out of memory. Consider increasing how much memory is allotted, or it may simply be time to upgrade your graphics card.

-If you’re playing on a Wi-fi connection, I’ve found that this also can cause problems if a lot of people are using the connection at one time for things like Netflix, YouTube or other applications. Try running the game on a wired internet connection.

Q: There’s a lot of inconsistent timing with songs, and I can’t figure out why things aren’t consistent.

A: The solution is going to vary depending on why things are inconsistent. To figure that out, Konami recommends the following steps:

  1. Try playing the game on your display without any sound; Choose an easy chart that has a simple to follow rhythm and play using your keyboard. If your button presses aren’t lining up with what’s being shown, it means you have a laggy display. You can adjust this either by using the adjust timing option in the options menu, or by changing how your monitor is hooked up to your PC.
  2. If the timing fluctuates throughout the song, odds are that your computer is struggling to  keep up with processing both game data as well as the song movie/graphics. Try turning movie display off in the options menu and play the song again. If this solves it, you may want to consider upgrading your graphics card.
  3. If the timing continues to be inconsistent throughout the song, even with the movie display turned off, it means that your computer is struggling to process game data. Try closing any excess applications running in the background and run the game again. If the problem persists, your PC may not meet the required minimum specs to run the game.
  4. If your timing is on sync with your keyboard but off sync with your controller, make sure your controller is plugged directly into your PC and not through a USB hub or similar. These can add delay to inputs.

Q: Why do my fonts look all screwed up and nothing like they do in the screenshots?

A: You need to change your non-Unicode program language to Japanese. This can be done in your control panel in Windows under the ‘Administrative’ tab of Region Settings.

Special Thanks

This guide would not have been possible without the help of a number of individuals in the greater Bemani community, local Bemani communities, as well as some friends of mine;

DARQs/DJ DARQS: For his YouTube videos on how to get INFINITAS running, how to improve as a IIDX player, as well as being an excellent coach in helping me get back into the game and refining my skill and technique. If you haven’t checked out his stuff, you absolutely should.

Siggy/DJ TEHSIG: For coaching me and helping me understand some of the newer bits in IIDX, namely green number and floating hi-speed. And continuing to remind me every day I stream to never give up on my thumbs.

CloudyMusic/rmz/DJ CLOUDY: For getting into this crazy mess with me, providing amazing help with translations, gameplay, being a guinea pig with figuring out the rival system, and being an amazing rival that continues to challenge me, years after our days on VJArmy and Solid State Squad.

Paul Hartling/redshoepaul/DJ RSP! And all Bemanistyle.com Staff: For helping proofread, offering to host my guide and giving this the best platform possible to be hosted on. You guys have always been amazing to me, the IIDX community and greater Bemani community, and I hope that you guys will be around for many more years of games to come.

-bemaniwiki.com and remywiki.com: For helping me fill the gaps with information when I was falling short.

The Minnesota Rhythm Games Community: For taking up the mantle after the passing of BemaniMN, and proving every single day that rhythm games aren’t dead in Minnesota, the midwest, or anywhere else.

Ceodore: For helping me proofread this massive passion project. Having that extra pair of eyes always helps!

Dimitri/DJ DIMITI and the Illinois Rhythm Games Community: For showing me the ropes with Cannon Ballers at Round 1 in Stratford, IL. I would have never gotten back into IIDX had it not been for that fateful visit during Combo Breaker. You all may consider this guide your fault. 😛

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