INVAXION Announced and Headed for PC and Mobile Devices Later This Year

Developer Nanjing AQUATRAX had just went live with their new website for their incoming game titled INVAXION for Steam and mobile platforms.

Currently the game only supports simplified Chinese language according to Steam and that there’s a whole lot more under the curtain than what you see at first. The game includes a card collecting system where you can unlock characters, each with their own special skill. The gameplay layers react to the music, making the track warp and pulse as the notes fly down the note highway. From what we see in the trailer, there are 5 different note types and will include an online competitive mode, ladder ranking mode and over 100 songs at launch, all wrapped up into a story mode.

An IP linkage plan seems to be discussed, where we’ll be seeing some crossover properties from the Virtual Idol MAYU, Virtual Idol IA, Taiwanese Pianist VK, DJMAX and SUPERBEAT XONiC universe.

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