iri Releases Moody New ‘Wonderland’ Music Video

iri Releases Moody New 'Wonderland' Music Video

There are very few musicians I’ve vibed with more over the past couple of years than Tokyo-based hip-hop artist iri. With so many different songs dropping from so many different artists each and every day, I tend to hear a whole lot of hits and a whole lot of misses, yet somehow iri constantly impresses. I wrote a little bit ago about her upcoming album, “Shade”, which is set to release on March 6, 2019. Well, just a week out from its release, iri has come in with a surprise new music video for “Wonderland”, the third track on the album.

Before anything else, just let me express how grateful I am that we’re finally seeing a full music video uploaded onto iri’s YouTube channel. I couldn’t tell you exactly why this was chosen as the time to release a full music video on there, but it might tie in to the fact that this song is being used as part of Sony’s “h.ear x Walkman” campaign.

Produced by ESME MORI, “Wonderland” is exactly the moody jam that I didn’t know I needed at the moment. It’s no surprise, but iri absolutely kills it here, and you can absolutely hear a clear evolution of her vocal ability since her early days.

Set to release on March 6, iri’s upcoming album “Shade” features an absolutely incredible list of producers, and I can’t wait to hear it. The full tracklist can be seen below:

01. Shade produced by Shinichi Osawa
02. Only One arranged by Yaffle (Tokyo Recordings)
03. Wonderland arranged by ESME MORI (Pistachio Studio)
04. Common arranged by STUTS
05. cake arranged by Grooveman Spot
06. Flashlight produced by tofubeats
07. 飛行 arranged by Kan Sano
08. Sway arranged by Shingo.S
09. Peak arranged by Kenmochi Hidefumi (Wednesday Campanella)
10. Keep on trying arranged by ESME MORI (Pistachio Studio)
11. mirror arranged by Jungo Miura (PETROLZ), Ippei Sawamura & Tsukasa Sumigaki (SANABAGUN.)

For those interested in checking out further information on iri’s upcoming album, be sure to check out her official website.

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