Is Your Favorite Hetalia Country on This International Anime-Themed Menu?

Hetalia x Tower Records Cafe Menu Will Feature Global Tour of International Dishes

The anime/ manga series Hetalia is known for its international humor. Naturally, when Hetalia World Stars takes over Tower Records Cafe in June and July, their anime collaboration menu will have a global flair.

Has one of your favorite nations made the list? Here are the Hetalia characters introducing the dishes:

  • Hetalia Germany will serve up a meal of potatoes, sauerkraut, and rye bread.

Hetalia Germany Dish

  • Goulash is found all over central Europe, but here it represents the Hetalia Czech Republic.

Hetalia Czech Republic dish

  • Hetalia Slovakia has kapustnica (cabbage soup), vyprážaný syr (fried cheese), and vyprážaný karfiol (fried cauliflower).

Hetalia Slovakia dish

  • No ‘pasta!’ from Hetalia Italy. Instead, try some berry panna cotta and tiramisu.

Hetalia Italy dish

  • From Hetalia France, a vegetable pot-au-feu. Traditionalists will demand beef stew. But the description doesn’t mention meat.

Hetalia France Dish

  • If you’re an Anglophile, you might like Hetalia England’s minced-meat pie.

Hetalia England dish

  • Beef stroganoff from Hetalia Russia, with rice. (I think it should be served with pasta, but this is a Japanese interpretation.)

Hetalia Russia dish

  • Hetalia China will serve two classic dim sum items: almond tofu and jian dui (sesame balls).

Hetalia China dish

The collaboration will take place in three Tower Records locations (Shibuya, Tokyo; Nagoya; and Umeda, Osaka). Each location will have two different menus, so not all items will be available at the same time.

In addition to the clever menus, the cafe will sell various collaboration items, featuring illustrations of the Hetalia characters working for Tower Records. Hours and other details are available here.

Hidekazu Himaruya / Shueisha/ Hetalia W ★ S Production Committee; Tower Records Co., Ltd.
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