Itoki x Evangelion Gaming Chairs To Be Displayed At Tokyo Game Show 2019

Itoki x Evangelion Gaming Chairs To Be Displayed At TGS

I thought the ‘ATFIELD Craft Scissors’ would be the most out-there Evangelion merchandise we would see this year but alas I was mistaken. Office furniture maker and distributor Itoki has announced at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, which is coming up in just a couple days, they’ll preview their new Evangelion Gaming Chairs. No one should be particularly surprised at an announcement like this, but it’s also one that was impossible to see coming. The sky’s really the limit when it comes to slapping down Evangelion branding on some household object you can spend your hard-earned money on. Plus, there’s definitely a gamer/Evangelion-watcher crossover audience.

Itoki x Evangelion Gaming Chairs To Be Displayed At TGS

Four different varieties of the Evangelion gaming chair will be displayed. Of course on the far left, we have the iconic Unit 01 purple and green, perhaps the signature Eva color motif. Next to it, there’s the red and white Unit 02 based chair, and I really do like the small green touches on the seat representing the unit’s eyes that give the product more flair. Perhaps my individual favorite, the third chair is the only based on an actual character from the series in the form of the Rei Ayanami gaming chair. On the far right, we have the most subtle of the collection, the dark red and black which is taken from the original Nerv logo.

Now that the Evangelion gaming chairs exist, I’m left with this thought; What games would be appropriate to play on one of these bad boys? The first one answer that hops into my mind is the rather obvious Nier Automata. With its desolate world, occasional mech-based combat, and absolutely buckwild story-line, it makes a good analog for Neon Genesis Evangelion. Of course, you could import some Super Robot Wars games that actually do feature the robots in question.

You can preview Itoki’s Evangelion Gaming Chair at Tokyo Game Show 2019 the 12th through the 15th of September.

Studio Khara / Itoki
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