Trend Survey in Japan Asks Which Pokémon You’d Most Want to Travel With

Pokemon Ash Pikachu

I know we’ve all thought about it: if Pokémon was real, which Pokémon would we want to have for ourselves? Japan Trend Research in Japan thought about this as well, and they decided to find out! They hit the streets of Japan with a survey that asks the dying question, ‘Which Pokémon would you want to travel alongside?’ and the results might be a little surprising to you. I say might with a bit of regress, but it’s interesting to see just how much the difference between the first and second.

Japan Trend Research does a bunch of polls with the Japanese public to get their opinions on things and to create data analysis of trends and surveys, but they also try to have a bit of fun like they are doing with this Pokémon questionnaire. They asked the people on the streets of Japan which Pokémon they would want to travel with and by and far, the answer that everyone gave was Pikachu. Now, when I say by and far, I mean that Pikachu has 512 votes out of 878 people and the next closest was Eevee with a mere 67 votes and Squirtle coming in third with 40 votes. It seems that Pikachu has won his way to the hearts of Japanese people through and through.

Pokemon Ranking

Personally, I wouldn’t want to travel with Pikachu. Sure he’s cute and all, but if I were to have to choose a Pokémon to travel with, it would have to be Charizard. There is something about the concept of not having to walk everywhere that is very appealing to me and being able to jump on Charizard’s back to fly around just seems really exhilarating. When I see trend survey polls like this, it really makes me want to see what the answers would be in different countries around the world because Pikachu can’t really hold dominance over the entire world, could he?

The Pokémon Company, Japan Trend Research
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