Japanese Twitter Is Going Off About What Video Game Sequels They Want

Japan Twitter Is Going Off About What Video Game Sequels They Want

Nerds tend to be extremely online. That’s just a basic fact of life, like the sun always setting at night or filler in anime being skippable. Back in the day, those of the geekier persuasion had their own corners of the internet like IRC chat rooms, forums, and chan boards to build a community.

These days though, all online discourse, otaku related or not, have pretty much all centralized on Twitter, Facebook, and maybe Reddit. One plus side of that though is that it’s easier to see what people in other countries are fussing about, even if we can’t understand them. Today, Japan Twitter’s been going off on what video game sequels people would like to see.

While tens of thousands of people are tweeting, we are seeing some common trends. Lots of obscure RPG picks, like the Shin Megami Tensei Raidou Kuzunoha sub-series or cult classics like Metal Gear Rising and Viewtiful Joe also seem to be coming up a lot. Of course the now vaporware game Megaman Legends 3 is in high demand as is the Megaman Battle Network series. I even saw one brave poster say he wanted a follow up to the Playstation One Serial Experiments Lain game.

We’d be here all day if you went over everything we’re seeing on Twitter Japanese audiences seemed to want. You can scroll through here if you’re curious. If I may offer up my two cents, the video game series I absolutely want to see a sequel to more than any other is .hack. Not counting the one-off PSP game and PS3 fighting game, it’s been well over a decade since we’ve seen the last installment in the mock MMORPG franchise. I also secretly still want a Sonic Adventure 3, but only if it was made with retro Dreamcast era graphics and physics. Oh, and Super Mario Sunshine. I can dream.

What games do you want sequels to?

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