Puff up Your Look With This Adorable Jigglypuff Necklace Line

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Pokémon. There are, according to a cursory Google search, 896 unique pocket monsters, and that’s before getting into regional variants and different forms. Despite that, outside of actual The Pokémon Center merchandizing, less than two percent of them get featured often in merch. Most of that arbitrary two percent comes from the original 151.

And that’s okay! As much as we’d love to see Applin earrings, Skarmory hats, and real grade Golisipod model kits, we’ve accepted that Jigglypuff necklaces are just more likely to manifest themselves into reality:

Jigglypuff Pokemon Necklace
Each one is increasingly more expensive! Wow!

The most classic of pocket monster puff balls doing the most classic of puffball poses, with a pink sapphire in hand for you! These Jigglypuff necklaces from U-Treasure can be ordered from 5 January through 2 February, so you’ll want to order quick if you want to coordinate this into your accessory rotation. The silver Jigglypuff runs for about $150, which seems like nothing compared to the yellow and pink gold variants which sit at about $990 and $1,100 respectively. Pokémon’s biggest diva is telling you you’re going to have to pay the heck up if you want to steal her cuteness.

Perhaps not as much of a get as the Gucci x Pokémon Go collaboration that just rolled out, but at least you can wear U-Treasure’s Jigglypuff necklace in real life and not just in a five-year-old mobile game. While it may just be a matter of time before Gucci pilfers some other Pokémon to make an ever higher-end necklace than the already high-end pink puff themed neckwear in question, these are available right flippin’ now! If the US Government gives the 2k we keep hearing about, perhaps some of you US nationals could unwisely spend half of that on a gold Jigglypuff.

Orders for the U-Treasure Jigglypuff necklace can be made here.

The Pokémon Company / U-Treasure
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