JINS Teams up With EVANGELION for Another Round of Swank Glasses

JINS Neon Genesis Evangelion Collaboration

Japanese eyewear specialists JINS has collaborated with pretty much every property under the sun when it comes to games and anime, like My Hero Academia and Pokémon just to name a couple. Today they announced the third round of their collaboration with EVANGELION. If I didn’t just buy a pair of the Dragon Quest X glasses from ZOFF, I would be all over these in a heartbeat.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Clear Files

The newest entry to the collaboration will feature three different styles: two pairs of regular glasses for Unit-01, Unit-02, and a pair of sunglasses based on Unit-01. The initial JINS collaboration kicked off in 2012 and JINS had the following to say about the third installment of the collaboration:

The collaboration between JINS and EVANGELION has been re-initiated since its initial inception in 2012, when it was extremely popular. This is the long-awaited third installment. Taking a hint from Evangelion’s modeling, we have incorporated it into the details of the glasses and evolved them into a design that is thoroughly focused on design. The lineup consists of three models in total: two pairs of glasses based on the image of the Unit-01 and Unit-02, and one pair of sunglasses based on the image of Unit-01. To commemorate the release of the movie version, we will start taking orders from 8 March (Monday).

This time, we have not only prepared eyeglass cases, but also created original boxes for each product. The design is based on black color and has a luxurious feel. In addition, a limited number of original clear files will be presented to those who purchase the products. The quality of the products themselves, as well as the gorgeous accessories, are designed to let you enjoy the world of Evangelion.

Each pair of the glasses take hints from the unit they’re modeled and really lends them nice subtle touch of EVANGELION. The design choices are not over the top, so they can easily be worn with any outfit for any occasion. Each pair will set you back ¥12,000 (Approx. $110 USD) and will include the lenses, except for the sunglasses.

As of the writing of this, JINS has not announced the exact date that the EVANGELION glasses will be available at their international stores around the world, aside from a vague ‘Fall 2021’ time frame.

Khara, JINS
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