JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure x VANS Collaboration Produces a Pair of Unique Part 5 Sneakers

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure x VANS Collaboration Produces a Pair of Unique Part 5 Sneakers

JoJo characters are known for their larger-than-life designs, and this has led to some incredibly interesting collaborative products in the past, especially when it comes to fashion. glamb and Converse are among a variety of brands to have already collaborated with the property, each taking the unique designs of Hirohiko Araki’s manga-turned-anime and bringing them to life. The latest company to do a collaboration with the series is VANS, who have created their own unique pairs of JoJo VANS based on Part 5 of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series.

These new sneakers are based on the characters Giorno Giovanna and Bruno Bucciarati from Part 5, which is currently being adapted into an anime by David Production. Each of these shoes takes the essence of each character and translates them into some unique and interesting shoes.

For example, for the shoes inspired by Giorno, the shoe’s outer design uses a pink velvet design with buttons up the side in place of actual shoelace holes that resemble those found on the character’s outfit. The tongue of the shoe has a heart-shaped cut-out just like the one on Giorno’s chest. Inside of each respective shoe the manga designs of both Giorno and their stand.

Bruno’s shoes, on the other hand, is a white show resembling the suit worn by the character. In tune with the fact that their suit contains a myriad of zips all over the outfit, these VANS are admittedly more restrained but do hold zips on the front middle of each shoe. These zips are each fully-functional as well, revealing ‘Are you ready for this? I know I am’ and ‘Arrivederci’ once undone, a rather nice and unique touch. The insides of the shoe, as with Giorno, also contain their character and stand, while each of these shoes will also ship in a specially designed box.

Honestly, although they aren’t my style, I really like these designs. They’re unique and they stand out, and I have to admire the work put into making these shoes match the original designs of these characters. These shoes are already available for pre-order from the P-Bandai website for 9,720 yen, with each shoe being made available to order until June 2 at 11 pm, with shoes shipping in July.

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