Jojo’s Bizarre Advenure Calls On HONESTBOY® For Bruno Bucciarati Hoodie


The latest in a long list of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind merchandise comes to us thanks to Japanese brand HONESTBOY®. They knew exactly how to channel the fan favorite Bruno Bucciarati and his unique stand ability into an extremely cool hoodie. It helps that’s Bucciarati’s stand makes use of zippers, a thing mainly used with clothing, but HONESTBOY® really brought his ingenuity to this one. The expertly designed hoodie is available for pre-order at PKCZ® Gallery and will set you back 24,480 yen. That’s a fair bit over 200 dollars for you Americans.

HONESTBOY® x Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Bruno Bucciarati and his stand Sticky Fingers are known for their unconventional use of zippers. This translates well when trying to make clothing and HONESTBOY® was able to create a really unique hoodie keeping all this in mind. More than just adding additional unnecessary zippers to a hoodie, it features 2 large from front-to-back zippers that connect the sleeves of the shirt to the torso. You can choose to keep them open if you’re confident enough to pull that look off. The ends of the sleeves also are zippered up, and if you open them you can extend the sleeves unveiling a unique pattern based on the stand. There are other unique touches to the hoodie like the printed zipper on the torso, the eyes on the hood, and the classic Jojo ‘to be continued’ sign on its back.

HONESTBOY® x Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Honestly, HONESTBOY® hit it out of the park on this one. It’s hard to believe but the HONESTBOY® imprint is only a side project for Naoto, who’s part of Exile and the leader of Sandaime J Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe and LDH hip-hop supergroup, HONEST BOYZ®. You wouldn’t know fashion design isn’t his full time gig with how nice this Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure hoodie looks and the intricacy of its design. We try to cover arguably fashionable anime based pieces and lines but this hoodie is one of the most unique articles of clothing we’ve seen.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure currently airs on Crunchyroll. This hoodie by HONESTBOY® will go on sale soon.

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