Jouetie Brings Us Back With Evangelion 2.0 Collection

Joutie Brings Us Back With Evangelion 2.0 Collection

We cover Evangelion clothing so frequently here at Otaquest that even my starting off every article with some variation on ‘another week, another Eva collab’ has gotten repetitive. Not even seven whole days ago did the grunge-inspired glamb x eva line drop, and yet we’re already back with more. Honest, we wouldn’t bother if we thought these lines were ordinary but with Evangelion’s prominence and willingness to risk itself, all sorts of talented and clever designers successfully create something new each time. This go around, Joutie’s tapping into the 2009 Evangelion 2.0 to deliver casual wear that does stand out from the rest of the Eva pack.

Jouetie Evangelion

One of the most noticeable design choices that give the Jouetie x Evangelion 2.0 line a visual edge over its close competition is the screenshot embroidery combination. The entire line’s printed on shirts that are rather muted in color, which actually give both the artwork the textured ‘Evangelion’ some real pop! Coupled with the black text above and below, there’s an organized chaos to the clutter that makes this collection fairly distinct. You wouldn’t call it ‘mature’, but there’s something a little more subtle at play despite what’s all going on visually. They do retail for a pricer 6,600 yen though.

Interestingly last year Rolling Cradle, an entirely different brand, created some Evangelion 1.0 shirts. While Studio Khara’s certainly happy and willing to hand out their Evangelion license for merchandising, it’s kind of funny to see another company do the now retro Evangelion 2.0 shirts. Hell, the fact that the first two Evangelion movies on their own are now over 10 years old, extremely dating all of us, is also kind of funny. The films have their fans, and we’re all patiently waiting for the last entry which would have been out by now if it weren’t for COVID, so it’s good to have something to tide the Shinji Ikari and Asuka fans over.

The Jouetie x Evangelion 2.0 line goes on sale next month. Check out the full line here.

Jouetie / Studio Khara
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