JP THE WAVY Celebrates Life’s Essentials on Latest ‘GOOD PEOPLE GOOD COFFEE’

JP THE WAVY Celebrates Life's Essentials on Latest 'GOOD PEOPLE GOOD COFFEE'

Within the current landscape of Japanese Hip-Hop music, there are few names that come out as tall as JP THE WAVY. Similarly, there’s even fewer who can interchange bars about their Nintendo Switch and AK-47, but it’s 2019 and this is just where we’re at. We’ve spoken about the bespoken rapper several times in the past, including for his recent collaboration with Japanese heavyweights m-flo, but it’s his latest “GOOD PEOPLE GOOD COFFEE” that might just be the first track to really resonate with international audiences.  Dropped just in time for the weekend gone, “GOOD PEOPLE GOOD COFFEE” is equal parts bitter or sweet depending on how you want to take it in. Before we get too into it though, check out the music video for the collaborative single with OZworld below:

Recent years have proven the perfect time for breakout hits from the West’s counterpart as the internet further sets the stage for international consumption; more than ever before an artist like JP THE WAVY can drop a track like “GOOD PEOPLE GOOD COFFEE” and ensure it’s heard, which in this case, is a very good thing. In terms of production, JP THE WAVY’s latest is up there with some of the top-performing hits right now — it’s hard, gritty, and ticks all the boxes in setting the mood. Fittingly for such a hard beat, JP THE WAVY and OZworld go absolutely ham on this one with their delivery and flow, rivaling their contemporaries both domestically and internationally. If there’s any track that I can see blowing up on the same level as Cho Wavy De Gomenne, this would have to be it.

Available now via all major streaming services, those interested in checking out more on the latest from JP THE WAVY and his collaborator OZworld “GOOD PEOPLE GOOD COFFEE”, be sure to head over to the track’s official webpage.

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