Judgment’s Feature-Filled New Trailer Highlights How You’ll Catch Kamurocho’s Most Dangerous

Judgment's Feature-Filled New Trailer Highlights How You'll Catch Kamurocho's Most Dangerous

The last time I had the pleasure of writing about Toshihiro Nagoshi and SEGA’s upcoming Judgment, it was with the exciting news of the game’s June 25 release date. Now, just several days later, we’re back with an all-new trailer highlighting a number of the game’s all-new features and how you’ll be occupying yourself in the streets of Kamurocho. Uploaded to SEGA of America’s official YouTube channel, we’re also given a look at both Japanese and English voiceover options.

In Judgment, players are tasked with going a little above and beyond the usual combat-heavy playstyle of Yakuza. You’ll be deploying a number of tools as protagonist Takayuki Nagami to sleuth around the gritty streets of Kamurocho to get the best results as a detective, which is ultimately what this trailer aims to highlight. Through a number of divisive techniques, including the use of drones and smartphones as seen in previous trailers, you’ll work alongside your ex-Tojo Clan partner Kaita to catch out some of the city’s worst.

It was mentioned in our four-part interview series with Judgment and Yakuza series creator Toshihiro Nagoshi that the studio’s reason for reusing the city of Kamurocho was due to the constraints of Yakuza’s protagonist Kazuma Kiryu. It’s hoped that under a new context and with a new protagonist, a different side to the city than what we’ve previously seen can be explored by players diving into Judgment.

Set to release exclusively on PlayStation 4 on June 25, with those who digitally pre-order the game receiving early-access on June 21, Judgment is definitely set to be a game you don’t want to sleep on. For those interested in checking out further details on the game, be sure to check out our full archive, as well as the game’s official website.

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