‘Jump Digital Lab’ Launched to Assist Shonen Jump’s Digital Ambitions

Jump Digital Lab

There is no doubt that we live in a digital world, and the world of manga is moving sharply towards a digital future. Alongside such web-original hits as SPY x FAMILY, utilization of digital manga services such as Jump Plus is on the rise, and Shueisha is making bold moves to capitalize upon this. One such move is the newly-launched ‘Jump Digital Lab,’ announced today via the official Jump Plus website. Aiming to both deliver information about digital services and cultivate new projects to develop them, it offers an exciting avenue in which Jump could continue to bolster its online presence.

Described as a “business base” by the official website, the ‘Jump Digital Lab’ concentrates on two things. Firstly, spreading information about digital services and sharing the Jump Plus team’s experiences: this will be achieved through regular blog posts in the form of ‘notes.’ Secondly, the project aims to support new ideas to help bolster the company’s online presence in the form of essentially running the ‘Shonen Jump App Competition’ every month. Launched in 2017, this competition has given rise to two successful services in a relatively short space of time – the ‘Mawashi Yomi Jump’ AR game and ‘Shunkan Jump.’

Applicants confident that they have a good idea are encouraged to apply through the official Jump Digital Lab website, and the company is offering up to 50,000,000 yen (about $470,000 USD) to help get the project off the ground. This forms part of the Jump Plus editorial department’s overall search for “partners” to help them develop digital manga projects and exchange ideas about the future of the company’s digital presence.

Jump Digital Lab

In a statement on the official website, the editorial department said the following: “Jump is always moving towards the future. New characters, new series, new talents… And it’s not just through manga that we are heading towards the future. We want to open up a kind of future for the manga industry that can change the way we work, enthuse more readers, and support more creators.”

The company has already seen great success in its digital endeavors, so the fruits of the Jump Digital Lab will no doubt be something to keep an eye on. For more information, check out the official website.

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