‘Jump Rope Challenge’ Signals the Return of Weird Nintendo

‘Jump Rope Challenge’ Signals the Return of Weird Nintendo

With the ways in which COVID-19 has interrupted or delayed long-anticipated projects and jeopardized the solvency of popular entertainment venues around the world, it’s sometimes nice to reflect on the positive impacts and little things that bring a smile to your face in tough times. It doesn’t have to be anything special or amazing, just the little neat moments that bring a smile to your face. Today, that was the release of Nintendo’s basic yet enjoyable free fitness game Jump Rope Challenge.

There isn’t all that much to say about Jump Rope Challenge. Holding a single joy-con in each hand, you jump up and down on the spot to simulate skipping with a real skipping rope. That’s it. The idea is you play the game once each day to reach a jumping goal you set yourself, as a way of keeping your fitness levels high. The game was made by a few Japanese Nintendo developers while stuck at home during COVID-19, making it a minor project developed in just a few weeks. Reflecting this, the game has been released as a free download.

Games like this remind me of weird Nintendo, though. While the games it reminds me of would still have more development time and more involved gameplay than this, the reason I’m reminded of it is through the way it’s a fun, cute project made for no reason other than the fact the concept sounds like it could make for a fun time for the player. It reminds me of titles like Diagasso! Band Brothers or Tomodachi Life, games that are small-scale, unusual and unique. We haven’t had enough games like Jump Rope Challenge or this on Nintendo Switch, in spite of the console’s success.

Having tried the game out for myself, Jump Rope Challenge is a basic yet fun free Nintendo Switch download, and definitely effective at working up a sweat if you play for long enough. You can download the game for free on Nintendo eShop.

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