JUN INAGAWA, COIN PARKING DELIVERY, & Yabiku Henrique Yudi Team Up for Collaborative Fashion Drop

JUN INAGAWA, COIN PARKING DELIVERY, & Yabiku Henrique Yudi Team Up for Collaborative Fashion Drop

There are few names in the street-oriented art scene that you should be paying more attention to than JUN INAGAWA. His hyper-otaku takes on just about everything have cemented his place as one of Japan’s must-watch illustrators, landing him collaborations with the likes of Adidas, WACK, and so much more. This time teaming up with artist COIN PARKING DELIVERY and collage artist Yabiku Henrique Yudi, the trio have announced that, following a limited-time exhibition in Shibuya, their original art would be made available on a limited-edition parka via ZOZOTOWN.

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日本のユースカルチャーを代表する 3 人のアーティストの合同展示会をギャラリーSO1 にて行いま す。今回のために製作された 3 人のアーティストによるコラボアートの展示だけではなく、個々の アーティストのアーカイブや新作の発表も行います。 また今回の合同展示会を記念して、3 人のアーティストによるコラボアートをプリントしたパーカ ーを 11/21(木)から ZOZO TOWN にて1日限りの受注を行います。 . . . 日時 2019年11月1日(金)~11月4日(月) 13時〜19時 SO1 〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前6丁目14−15 . [email protected] . model @mohamed_01.png photo @ryo_is_me_

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Having followed JUN INAGAWA’s work for an extended period of time, seeing this collaboration come to life has me extremely excited. All three of the artists involved have an extensive history as creators, and I can’t help but love everything about what they’ve put together. From the clean design to the raw street value of this parka, the whole drop is perfect; you can certainly see where each person involved has contributed, with the finished product ultimately delivering without compromise.

I’ll be heading over to the last day of the gallery today in Shibuya to check it out too, so be sure to check out the OTAQUEST Instagram for updates on just what’s being showcased there as I’m sure I’ll be geeking out over it all.

Set to release on 11/21 via ZOZOTOWN exclusively for 24 hours, the collaborative efforts of JUN INAGAWA, COIN PARKING DELIVERY, & Yabiku Henrique Yudi is definitely not something to be slept on. For those interested in checking out additional information, be sure to hit up ZOZOTOWN for more information.

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