Junji Ito To Release New Goods Through AMNIBUS Store

Junji Ito To Release New Goods Through AMNIBUS Store

Today, it was announced that worldwide famous horror manga writer and artist Junji Ito will be releasing a whole new line of merchandise through the anime goods store AMNIBUS. This time around, the theme of the merchandise focuses on Junji Ito’s recurring, resident little troublemaker, Soichi Tsujii. The motif focuses particularly on the chapter of Junji Ito Masterpiece Collection Vol. 3: Soichi’s Selfish Curse, which is a collection of stories that tell the tale of Soichi’s never-ending mischief.

Now, onto the merchandise. True to Japanese goods-release culture, the first item is a clear file folder with art of creepy Soichi himself being creeped out by something strange in a magazine (typical). Next, we have a two-tone shirt of Soichi looking as if he’s pondering who he should curse next. And then there’s my favorite item, a black hoodie with nothing but a detailed, haunting print of Soichi’s grinning mouth, full of nails. Another favorite is the acrylic stand figure of Soichi looking like he’s standing at the end of the hallway about to throw something nasty at me. For every 2160 yen that you spend, you will receive a 1 out of 10 random cards that are Soichi’s school ID card. For every 5400 yen that you spend, you will be entered in a lottery to win an autographed color illustration by Junji Ito himself. There are quite a few items in this new collection, and you can check them out below.

I have a strange feeling that Junji Ito considers his character Soichi as his problematic son. I feel like there was a lot of care put into his character development and we’re seeing him almost become the face of Junji Ito’s recent works and merchandise releases. I remember seeing an all-over print shirt of a colorful, mouth full of nails Soichi at the Koenji Village Vanguard store and thinking, “How rare to see Soichi merch!”. But soon after, the Junji Ito Collection animated series was released, and we saw even more of Soichi, and this time as a living, breathing creature.

The merchandise will be available for a limited time through AMIBUS’s online store from July 5 to September 1.

Junji Ito / Asahi Comics
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