Just Shapes and Beats Releases Very Soon on Nintendo Switch and PC

The modestly titled Just Shapes and Beats releases at the tail end of the month (May 31) on the Nintendo Switch and PC. The game, a music-charged dodge-o-rama, can be played by oneself or with friends. Aside from its music, composed by different collaborations from all around the world, the game shines on itself with its unique art style, taking a minimalistic approach and taking the “just shapes” part very seriously.

Just Shapes & Beats has been around since 2014, being developed by a team of three members: Em (graphics), Lachhh (programming and game design) and Mike (programming and words).

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VpqK2E8NRY[/embedyt]

For impressions, check out our preview from this year’s PAX East.

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