Kadokawa Publishes Two Zeon Army Gundam Books Together

Zeon Army Failure Gundam Book

On Tuesday, Kadokawa published a pair of books which examine the Zeon Army from Mobile Suit Gundam. These two books are neither manga nor light novels, although they are illustrated. Instead, they apparently treat the fictional subject matter relatively seriously. Judging from the descriptions, these books seem to feature a mixture of fictional military technology history and modern business philosophy.

Failure of the Zeon Army by Yushi Okajima was originally written in 2009, but it has been reprinted with a new chapter. The other book, The Legacy of the Zeon Army, also by Okajima, is brand new.

The first book’s full title is actually Mobile Suit Gundam Zeon Military Technology Genealogy Zeon Army Failure UC0079 (and you thought just isekai had long titles). According to Kadokawa’s description, the book features ‘failure theory,’ with lessons which can be learned from Gundam.

‘What is the failure of the Zeon army that fell in the One Year War? Why are there products that fail?’ the description asks.

Zeon Army Gundam Book

The second book has the full title Mobile Suit Gundam Zeon Military Technology Genealogy Zeon Army Heritage UC0079-0096. Instead of looking at the failures of the Zeon Army, this book looks at ‘what happened to the development of mobile suits after the One Year War,’ according to the description on Kadokawa’s website. The book looks at ‘innovative technology theory’ which unraveled ‘the legacy of the Zeon Army.’

If you ignore the philosophy, these books have nice illustrations of Zeon Army mobile suits by Gundam author and illustrator Ark Performance. The combination of Gundam and serious scholarship shows, once again, how Gundam influenced Japan.

Anthropomorphic IT Tech and Other Books

Gijinka de Manabo! IT Infura no Shikumi Book Cover

Okajima isn’t just some otaku author. Judging from his Kindle book list on Amazon Japan, the author’s main field would seem to be information technology. He has written quite a few books on the subject. You can find a few of his books at U.S. Amazon as well.

From an otaku point of view, Okajima’s most interesting works besides the Zeon Army Gundam books would probably be a pair of illustrated guides which depict IT technology (HTML, GIFs, JPEGs, etc.) as manga women. The first of these is Gijinka de Manabo! Network no Shikumi (Anthropomorphic Manabo! How the Network Works). He also wrote a sequel, Gijinka de Manabo! IT Infura no Shikumi (Anthropomorphic Manabo! How IT Infrastructure Works).

Kadokawa; Yushi Okajima; Sotsu / Sunrise; Shoeisha (SE) via Amazon Japan
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