Virtual YouTuber Kaguya Luna Shares Live Performance Video of “NEW ERA”

Virtual YouTuber Kaguya Luna Shares Live Performance Video of

Virtual YouTubers have been making some big moves throughout the course of the last 12 months. While YouTube very much remains a base of activities for these digital talents, I’d be lying if I said that’s where I consumed them the most. Believe it or not, the majority of my Virtual YouTuber kick comes from streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. Much like I don’t show particular interest in IRL YouTube “Let’s Players”, their virtual counterparts haven’t quite won me over on that front either. With that being said, put these people behind a microphone and you start to see some interesting results — or in this case, put them on a virtual stage. That’s where Kaguya Luna comes into play, fresh off the heels of her ZEPP VR live performance.

Taking place earlier this month at ZEPP’s virtual reality concert space ZEPP VR, Kaguya Luna took to the stage for, what I’ve been told was, a crazy performance. Of course, it only made sense that she’d perform her recently-released third single “NEW ERA” during this event, and following on from the event we’re now seeing footage shared online. I’m still not sure where I stand on Kaguya Luna’s music. In all realism, I know it’s pretty much just for the fans — or at least that’s how I see it. Kaguya Luna’s character has always been a high-speed slurred flurry of words, and her music isn’t much different. I’m sure the hardcore fans dig it though, hence being able to pack a virtual space for an entire concert.

Available for streaming via most major streaming services, Kaguya Luna’s third digital single “NEW ERA” can be checked out via the song’s official webpage. Those interested in checking out more on Kaguya Luna’s music work, be sure to visit her spot over on SACRA’s official website.

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