Adidas Shares Their Latest Kakashi Hatake ‘Naruto’ Sneaker

The Kakashi Naruto x Adidas Shoe Unveiled

Hatake Kakashi, the squad 7 leader and eventual sixth Hokage of Konoha, has been one of the most popular Naruto characters since the series first started. Even now years after it’s wrapped up, although Boruto continues on, he remains one of the biggest standouts and fan favorites. Adidas is only the latest company to get into the anime and streetwear crossover trend, and this time they’re unveiling a sneaker based off everyone’s favorite mentor ninja. They previously released one design based of fellow shinobi Sakura Haruno, but that design seemed to be universally panned. These new sneakers are minimal and unimposing.

The main dark blue color of the Kakashi Hatake Adidas seems to be taken from his trademark mask. Roughly the same color of the classic Naruto headband, they allow the shoe to be worn with a lot of basic outfits without being too much. You do have his full name ‘Hatake Kakashi’ written on the side of the sneaker in Katakana, which is small and unobtrusive enough to not come off as cheesy. I do really like the mini ninja headband found on the base of the laces, a really nice touch. The mangekyo sharingan on the tongue of the shoe is also a ‘real Naruto hours’ reference that works well as decoration.

The additional small touches on the back of the shoe such as the Konoha symbol on the handle should satisfy fans without being too obnoxious. Truly, it seems Adidas set out to make their Kakashi shoe one that anybody could wear but with only Naruto fans really knowing what’s up. Some people prefer a more striking sneaker to wear and they want to pass this up, but I’m glad there’s an option for those that want to rep their favorite ninjas without looking like they just went to Hot Topic.

These Kakashi Hatake shoes are set to release sooner rather than later, but we don’t have an official release date or price as of yet.

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