Kakegurui Movie Sequel Postponed Indefinitely

A scene from the Kakegurui movie sequel

The creators of the live-action Kakegurui movie sequel won’t be gambling with the coronavirus, they announced on Monday. The movie has been postponed, with no new date announced yet.

The film was scheduled to be released on Wednesday. If everything had gone forward, the opening would have included a stage greeting event which also had to be canceled. Just last week, the actors had been doing cute little promos for the movie:

The movie had already been postponed two weeks from a scheduled 29 April opening. Kakegurui the Movie: Zettai Zetsumei Russian Roulette or Desperate Russian Roulette is a sequel to the 2019 live-action film Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler. Here’s a promo for the new film:

There have been manga, anime, and live-action drama versions of Kakegurui. The shonen series features Yumeko Jabami, a student at a school dominated by gambling. She was played by Saori Hayami (the mysterious administrator D in So I’m A Spider, So What?; novelist Aoyama Blue Mountain in Is The Order A Rabbit?) in the anime series. The live-action TV series and the movies star Minami Hamabe (Emma in the live-action The Promised Neverland) in the lead role.

Netflix currently streams the 2017 and 2019 seasons of the anime, as well as the live-action series.

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