First Trailer for Kakegurui Part 2 Live Action Film Streamed Online

Makuro Shikigami and Yumeko from movie Kakegurui Part 2

Following the success of the first Kakegurui live action film, a sequel is set to release in May. The production committee just released a new trailer for Kakegurui Part 2:

The first Kakegurui was a critical and commercial success upon its release in 2019, performing well and receiving recognition for its portrayal of the world of the popular franchise. Having had a chance to watch the film as part of Fantasia Film Festival last year, I found it an enjoyable take on the franchise. It translated well into live action thanks to its embrace of the absurdity of its premise. This success prompted an announcement for a sequel film, with the above first trailer for Kakegurui Part 2 recently being uploaded to YouTube.

While mostly a teaser trailer in nature, it serves to showcase the direction the new film will go as it continues the original story of the first film and highlights a new gambler. This new gambler, named Makuro Shikigami and played by Johnny’s West member Ryusei Fuji, makes a bold appearance in the trailer, as we meet a person almost as passionate for the act of gambling as our protagonist, Yumeko. Clearly a familiar face to the student council, Shikigami has a somewhat unhinged nature that Fuji embodies with his performance. It will be interesting to see his performance in full context in Kakegurui Part 2.

Like the first film, this tells an entirely original story unrelated to the manga and anime but set in the same world. Personally, I appreciate this as it allows the series to tell a story that takes full advantage of the medium it’s being told within while capturing the spirit of the series. It’s a formula that worked for the first movie, even if it would be understandable for some fans to be disappointed.

Kakegurui Part 2 releases in Japanese theaters this May, and you can find out more over on the movie’s official website.

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