New Trailer Released for Kakegurui Part 2, Release Date Brought Forward

Kakegurui Movie Poster

Having initially been announced for a May release in Japanese theaters, Kakegurui Part 2 has released a new trailer which confirms that the release date has been brought forward to 29 April. We also see the Japanese subtitle for the movie which is ‘Eiga Kakegurui Zettai Zetsumei Russian Roulette.” The theme song for the film, which you can hear in the trailer is ‘Checkmate’ by singer Milet.

The live action adaptation of the Kakegurui manga has been a roaring success, with two series being released alongside a movie that hit Japanese theaters in 2019. While the series is adapting the manga in a more traditional sense, the movie diverged from it to tell an all-original story with the same cast, and the announcement for Kakegurui Part 2 promised that a new film would follow in this same direction.

After a teaser trailer was showcased for the movie back in January, we now have a first extended look at the film alongside the news that fans won’t be waiting long until they can see the movie for themselves:

The new film will center on a new gambler joining the school who once tried to destroy the school itself, Makuro Shikigami (played by Johnny’s West’s Ryusei Fuji). The student council is familiar with them and they clearly have a history based on their reaction to his return, but the details on this are kept under wraps in this trailer. Naturally, Yumeko is excited by the news, and the movie itself will center on a game of Russian roulette that they will need to take part in. Of course, that doesn’t appear to be everything going on at the school in this high-stakes new film within the Kakegurui universe.

As a fan of the original movie and enjoyer of the live action TV series also based on the series, I think the strong portrayal of the characters in the series should make for an entertaining movie. The production levels have seemingly increased for the sequel, as well.

Having previously been announced for an undisclosed date in May, Kakegurui Part 2 will release on the slightly earlier date of 29 April. You can find out more over on the film’s official website.

Kakegurui-Part-2 movie poster

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