Kakushigoto Film Gets a New Trailer and a July Release


Kakushigoto: My Dad’s Secret Ambition, the upcoming anime film adaptation based on the endearing comedy anime and manga from Koji Kumeta, just got a new trailer and a release date. The film will be opening in Japanese theaters on 9 July 2021.

If you’re not familiar with the Kakushigoto series, it is about Kakushi Gotou, a semi-successful mangaka who draws a slightly perverted series that he doesn’t want his daughter, Hime Gotou, to find out about. Most of the chapters center around Kakushi’s overriding desire to hide his true profession from his daughter, even going as far as to fake an office commute in the morning.

Kakushigoto Poster

The upcoming film commemorates the 30th anniversary of Kumeta’s career as an illustrator and will feature additional content and an ending that was not seen in the television anime.

Aside from this, there isn’t much else that is known about the upcoming Kakushigoto film. I would assume that as we get closer to the release, we’ll be getting some more information about what to expect in the theatrical release of the series.

Hime Gotou from Kakushigoto

If you’re interested in watching the anime, you can stream it on Funimation.

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