Kamen Rider – The Classic Manga Collection Hardcover Announced

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Seven Seas Entertainment is responsible for bringing many manga over to English-speaking territories, and they even bring some smaller and niche titles. And sometimes they go over the top with massive titles, such as today’s announcement of the hardcover release of KAMEN RIDER – THE CLASSIC MANGA COLLECTION.

This is the first time the original Kamen Rider manga has been available in North America. Perfect timing if you ask me, considering that Kamen Rider is now celebrating its 50th Anniversary here in Japan.

Kamen Rider Manga

Seven Seas Entertainment has stated the following:

Seven Seas Entertainment is thrilled to announce the license acquisition of Kamen Rider – The Classic Manga Collection by Shotaro Ishinomori, the complete 4-volume original run of the genre-defining Kamen Rider manga, now in English in a special 50th anniversary hardcover omnibus!

Fans the world over have long been enthralled by tales of Kamen Rider, the masked, motorcycle-riding superhero who protects the world from injustice. Kidnapped and experimented upon by the evil terrorist organization known as Shocker, Takeshi Hongo manages to escape their clutches and use his newfound strength to fight against their schemes. The adventures of Kamen Rider span dozens of television series and films, but in these pages are collected his very first adventures in manga print, drawn and written by original creator and manga superstar Shotaro Ishinomori. This beautiful hardcover edition, over 800 pages long, contains the entirety of Volumes 1-4 of Kamen Rider in an all-new translation.

KAMEN RIDER – THE CLASSIC MANGA COLLECTION is a four-volume collection complete in a hardcover omnibus format and will be available starting December 2021. The collection is also priced quite fairly at $32.99 USD, which isn’t too bad of a price for a new translation, hardcover, and all the original volumes complete in a hardcover book.

Shotaro Ishinomori, Bandai Namco Entertainment
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