Premium Bandai Announces Kamen Rider Shocker Secret Base Clock

Kamen Rider Shocker Clock

Today, Premium Bandai announced that they’re bringing the evil organization ‘Shocker’ secret base clock to fans of the series, in celebration of its 50th anniversary. Thanks to my son, I am becoming more and more familiar with the Kamen Rider series, and this is something that I want to have sitting on my dresser at home.

Shocker Clock 2

Now I know what you’re thinking… ‘Corey, wasn’t Shocker based on the Nazis, as an evil organization that was founded after World War II by surviving Nazis, and quickly grew to global influence, possessing numerous secret bases all across the world and an army of fanatical followers?’ Yes, that is the case, but all politics aside, the clock is a very good-looking piece and a very integral part of the Kamen Rider history.

The clock is just over a foot tall and displays the Shocker emblem front and center, with the hour and minute arms over a globe in beautiful silver-grey coloring.

Kamen Rider Shocker Clock

The Shocker clock is available to pre-order through the Premium Bandai website for ¥28,600 (Approx. $260 USD) and is expected to start shipping to customers starting in September of this year. If you’re a fan of Kamen Rider, this might be a piece that you would want to have in your collection.

Premium Bandai
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