Kanro Pure Gummy Sweets Showcase Pikachu-Shaped Collaboration With Adorable Commercial

Kanro Pure Gummy Sweets Showcase Pikachu-Shaped Collaboration With Adorable Commercial

Back when I was living in Japan for a bit last year, if I was in a rush and picking up food from a conbini on my way home, I’d often pick up the Kanro Pure gummy sweets. They were really fruity and nice; nice enough that I’d have to hold back on finding an excuse to eat a packet of them every day! What could make these gummy sweets better? Well, for a start, you could create Kanro Pure Pikachu-shaped gummy sweets and couple this special collaboration with an adorable commercial promoting them!

In anticipation of the upcoming Sword and Shield Expansion Pass, these pineapple and banana-shaped tropical gummy sweets will be made available for a limited time only starting on June 2nd, and they’re so cute! Pikachu adorns the packaging of these sweets, clearly enjoying the flavor of the gummy sweets, while the gummies themselves have the distinct shape of Pikachu. Since female Pikachu are also defined by their heart-shaped tails as opposed to their male counterparts, these gummies are also randomly packaged with a variety of male and female Pikachu inside. The collaboration isn’t limited to these special edition packets, either. For a limited time, standard packets of Kanro Pure gummy sweets will feature Pikachu footprints on the front, almost as though they walked over the packaging in order to find the special sweets featuring their likeness.

Accompanying the special collaboration is a cute trailer for the sweets featuring a dancing Pikachu. Although it’s a little strange to see a mascot character suit with a clearly-superimposed mouth over the top to allow them to emote for the purposes of the trailer, it still does a great job of bringing a smile to my face.

The collaboration between Pikachu and Kanro Pure gummy sweets begins on June 2nd, and you can find out more over on the Kanro Pure official website.

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